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Gallery: Cats

As an avowed (alliterative) ailurophile and collector of cat quotes, cat pieces have regularly manifested themselves, much like their real life feline counterparts do at dinnertime! Since completing Tailchaser's World and In the Hour in 1989 while studying, I've drawn so many cat portraits that I feel I could do them in my sleep! This is another area of ongoing works.

More examples can be seen under my commisioned cat portraits and in the black and white gallery.

Grimalkin Estate

In the Hour

Tailchaser's World

Swarm 1

Swarm 2

Swarm 3

The Cat and the Moon

Cat Who Walks by Himself

Klee Cat

Shaman's Cat 1

Jubilate Agno


Pangur Ban

Shaman's Cat 2

Cloud Cat