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The 1996 Easter Encampment

- Sham Fight Scenario

Units of the Queensland Defence Force (QDF) have been ordered to Fort Lytton in response to the possibility of an enemy landing force attempting to form part of an attack on the City of Brisbane.

Infantry and Naval Infantry are at present manning the Fort proper, while Garrison and Field Artillery are conducting drill around the 64pdr Armstrong positions to the left of the Fort.

Unknown to the these units, a successful landing had been made by the enemy at Wynnum, and its' Mounted Infantry have made their way to the Fort to provide support to an attack by enemy Infantry taking part in a seaborne attack from vessels trying to force entry up the Brisbane River.

The encounter begins as a bombardment from unseen vessels commences. To the sound of bugles and drums, the defending units take post: the Naval gun crew man their field gun and commence to reposition it to fire upon the enemy ships, while the Infantry and Engineers man firing points around the Fort. The Artillery prepare the guns to meet the river force.

Under cover of the initial bombardment from both the river and the returned fire from the Defenders' cannons, a small force of enemy infantry successfully land on the river bank, and engage the 64pdr position with rifle fire.

The enemy horsemen appear at the rear of the Fort area and advance onto the field. The infantry move out from the Fort in an effort to engage and prevent the horsmen from forming up, but this is unsuccessfull, and the Mounted Infantry charge the rear of the external gun positions, while the Infantry advance from the river front. The Artillery are forced to retire along the moat line under fire from enemy infantry. The enemy forces link at the 64pdrs.

The captured field guns are turned onto the Fort, while the defenders cover the retiring Artillery with rifle fire. The defending Infantry manhandle another field gun into position, and advance to assist the Artillery and stay the advancing enemy skirmishers.

A short period of counter-battery fire commences.

The Mounted Infantry dismount, and join their advancing Infantry in engaging the Fort's defenders - in particular the Artillery and Infantry commencing to withdraw to inside the Fort - a bugler in the Fort having sounded recall.

All dismounted units retire to the Fort (units once inside the Fort take internal pathways to below the Flagstaff area).

The Mounted infantry re-horse and aid in shepherding the public into the Fort. They then remain outside gates.

When the public is assembled on the Fort Parade Ground, an order will be given by the Officer Commanding, Easter Encampment for Units to Advance. All dismounted men appear on inner rampart.

Orders will then be given for a Feu de Joie. Officer Commanding, Easter Encampment will then order Encampment on parade.

Mounted Infantry enter and parade with other units.

Three Cheers will then be given for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria

The Last Post and lowering of Flag will then take place.

The Encampment will then be dismissed and marched out of Fort to tent lines.

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