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Moreton Regt

{Recreated Moretons Circa 1991 (Generic pattern frock/ equipment)}
{Rear - Pnr-Sgt Peter Anderson, Pvt Tony Laker, Major Kevin Harvey,
Pvt Rodney Pratt, L-Cpl Bill Borg}
{Front - Pvt David Jones, Sgt Anthony Cryan}

{Recreated Moretons October 2001
(1887 pattern frock/ equipment)}

{Sgt Anthony Cryan, Pvt Ed Best,
Pnr-Sgt Peter Anderson, Pvt Andrew Goldsworthy}

Martini Henry Rifle

Headgear - The Regiment wears the white "foreign service" pattern sun helmet with brass spike and chinscales (cloth cover and neck curtain is also used). At other times a Glengarry is worn

Tunic - Scarlet with Royal Blue facings and white piping, using seven Queensland Government general service buttons at the front.

Trousers - Infantry Pattern with 1/4" red stripe

Leggings - Brown

Boots - Black

Accoutrements - P1882 Valise (Brown), White Haversack, Italian Pattern Water Bottle

Weapons - .450/.577 Martini-Henry Rifle with Bayonet (Many of the weapons carried are in fact original Queensland issue).

If you have seen the film "ZULU" or "ZULU DAWN" - we resemble the 24th Regiment of Foot (South Wales Borderers) - with details such a facing colours etc altered.

The recreated Moreton Regiment carries its own "Colours", presented to it by Newstead House - the pattern based upon the Queensland Pre-Federation Flag.

Besides the Manual of Arms, Field Drill, and Bayonet Exercises, the Regiment has a Bell Tent with full equipment, and facilities for signaling (flag & heliograph) and medical drill.

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