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The Colony of Queensland was proclaimed on 10th December 1859, and the new Governor, Sir George Bowen noted that "not a single Soldier" could be found. In 1860 Volunteer Units started to be raised, and in 1867 a Unit of the Brisbane Volunteer Rifle Corps - The Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley Rifle Corps (No.3 Company), often refered to as "The Frog's Hollow Rangers" was created.

The First Regiment of Queensland Infantry was formed in 1879, when the Volunteer Infantry Companies amalgamated into one body, and the men of "The Frog's Hollow Rangers" became B Company of that unit.

In 1885, the First Regiment of Queensland Infantry was designated The First Queenslanders ( The Moreton Regiment ).

B Coy , Moreton Regiment at Ft. Lytton 1887

{B Coy, Moreton Regiment at Ft. Lytton - said to be 1887}

The Regiment's first "taste" of conflict came in 1891, when portions of the Defence Force were mobilised against the striking shearers. Sixty-six men left Brisbane for Barcaldine, and dispite the track being sabotaged - and fixing bayonets and advancing at the charge to a hostile crowd in Gympie on the way up - all men ultimately returned home well.

From 1899 volunteers for the South African War left Queensland, as part of the this colony's contribution to the Empire's war effort. Most serving in the Mounted Infantry role very successfully.

After Federation, the unit was incorporated into the Australian Army, where it became the 9th Australian Infantry Regiment, and later the 9th Battalion.

In 1911 an era came to a close, with the last parade of the Regiment in the famous "Red Coat" being held at the Exhibition Grounds.

Ultimately its members served in the First World War and into the Second, many commanding large formations of troops and equipment, and greatly contributing to the final outcome of that war.

B Coy Tentlines, Moreton Regiment at Ft. Lytton 1887

{B Coy, Moreton Regiment Tentlines at Ft. Lytton - said to be 1887}

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