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Moretons Charging

The Moretons are Queensland's oldest Victorian era living history and re-enactment unit.

The First Queensland (Moreton) Regiment was formed in 1978 as a sub-unit of the Arms Collectors Guild of queensland (Inc) - a body of Military History enthusiasts and Weapons Collectors - primarily to educate the public in an oft neglected facet of Queensland(and Australian) history. It illustrates by Living History techniques both the military and social aspects of a Volunteer Soldier of Queensland's 19th Century Defence Force.


Purpose :-

(i) To educate the public of the impact that the Moreton Regiment and the Queensland Defence Force had on those individuals involved, and Australian History in general.

(ii)To illustrate the military and social life of a member of the Queensland Defence Force between 1886 and 1902.

Goals :-

(i) To educate the public of the events that took place in Queensland, Australia and the World during the later part of the 19th Century in a innovative format that will make learning entertaining.

(ii) To focus interpretation on the role of the Queensland Volunteer Soldier.

(iii) To give the Public and Regiment members an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Objectives :-

(i) To recreate the Queensland Defence Force in first and third person programs and to make these programs as authentic and real as possible.

(ii) To interpret the role of The Queensland Defence Force during the the late 19th Century, more specifically their role in Queensland and Australian History.

(iii) To interpret the weapons technology of the late 19th Century. To explain how they were used, how well they were used, and the science behind their function.

(iv) To interpret lifestyles of the late 19th Century.

(v) To round out the interpretation of the Queensland Defence Force by talking about Troop movements, Uniforms, Troop types, and demonstrating the Infantry Tactics of the period.

Priorities -

(i) Education - To educate the public in Queensland History.

(ii) Commemoration - To commemorate the past purely by its' existence.

(iii) Memorable experience - This Regiment is an historical event within itself.


Again, like the original Regiment, its present counterpart has participated regularly in various functions and celebrations in and around South-East Queensland, demonstrating Drill and/ or as Guards of Honour (These have included Royalty and Heads of Government).


The 1st Queensland (Moreton) Regiment
PO Box 12325
George Street
Brisbane Queensland Australia 4003

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