Real Audio Vs MP3

In short, my web storage allocation won't allow me to keep more than one version of each piece of music. By the time the site is finished (if it ever will be) I'll be cycling 4 different compositions every fortnight. I therefore had to make the hard choice between the very popular MP3 and the other formats.

Few people will download a large file without knowing what it is or whether they will like it. With an MP3 you can begin a 60 min download and then play what you have after 5 minutes but not everybody knows this.

I chose the Real Audio format for several reasons. Firstly, I can encode a wav file so that the resulting .rm file can be streamed to play through a 28K modem, a 56K modem or a DSL/Cable connection. The music won't sound the best through a 28K modem but it will give you an idea of what it sounds like. If you then use the download link and download it to your machine, it will then sound better than an MP3.

Most browsers already have the Real Player plugin and if you don't you will most likely be prompted to get it. If not, you can get it from here for free. The Real Player has all the features of other players. It will play MP3s, Wav files, AU files and it's own RM and RMVB files. It plays video clips, visualisations etc.

For those who want MP3s instead, I am quite happy to email you a copy. For each piece you request, I will send a separate email to ease attachment size. I apologise to those with a web-based email like Hotmail, the size of these files are too large and these services wont allow me to send them. There is no need for you to explain or be chatty unless you want to be. If you have any comments or questions, though, I'd love to here them.

DJ Wolf

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