The Truth about Corby


The amazing thing about the Schapelle Corby Case is that anyone could ever believe she was guilty.  Historians and students of culture will wonder how it was that we were so fooled.  The very fact that she pleaded with Indonesian customs to weigh all her luggage and to compare it to the total weight written on her ticket means that she is innocent. Had they complied with her wishes we would all know whether the drugs were in her luggage at the Brisbane weigh-in counter or not. Therefore, because she asked for this to be done she cannot possibly be guilty.

Schapelle was never vague or indefinite. She asked the Bali Police not to contaminate possible fingerprints and they laughed and continued to handle the marijuana without gloves. She asked the authorities to provide airport security tapes and computer hard drives but unfortunately the cameras were faulty and the hard drives had been wiped. There is no way she could have known this before-hand so how can anyone say she is guilty?  She signed a document to give the Australian Federal Police access to the marijuana so that they could forensically test it. This test would have told investigators where the marijuana had come from and who was responsible. Marijuana is a sticky substance and falling hair particles from those who grew it, cut, dried and packaged it would show the race, sex and, with comparative DNA, the identities of the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the Bali Police denied access to the marijuana. When do guilty people ever ask for a more thorough investigation?

When you consider that she had no assets and had to work in a fish and chip shop to save for her airfare and holiday it makes you wonder how she ever came by $40,000 worth of marijuana. She certainly could not have bought it and since it would have required at least 30 mature plants to produce 4.2Kg of marijuana, it is hard to believe that she could have grown it without leaving evidence of this. A person who works over boiling oil to save for a holiday is not a gambler. It is not the kind of person that does go after the fast money. After all, if she had that much marijuana it would have been easy to sell some to get her ticket and we are left wondering why she would take it to Bali in the first place.

If she were guilty, why didn’t she conceal the drugs? An intelligent person may sew the drugs into the lining of something while a stupid person might conceal them beneath ‘embarrassing’ material or lock the bag and say they’ve lost the key but some attempt would be made to conceal them. Intelligence would determine the ‘cleverness’ of the concealment but fear would demand some plan of concealment since even the most basic of life forms are motivated by self preservation.

Yet we have photographic evidence that Schapelle was not fearful at all. After she and her friends had checked in their luggage at Brisbane airport they were excited about their holiday and posed for a photograph. According to the prosecution, the following photograph shows a woman playing Russian roulette and is gambling that the Bali customs officers won’t open her boogie-board bag.

This is impossible. There is no fear or concern here. This is a picture of someone unaware of what is about to happen.

Where this case becomes truly insidious is when you look at how evidence was manufactured to convict her. When all of Australia saw Schapelle as innocent, the Melbourne ‘Age’ sent a journalist to Denpassar to make a case for there being a market in Bali for Australian marijuana. His name was Mathew Moore and history will truly judge him.

He explains how the Bali Police entrap tourists and that the many Indonesian drug dealers are usually either undercover police or police informers. For this reason, westerners in Bali are reluctant to buy marijuana from these dealers and it is this that he uses as his premise that there is a market in Bali for Australian marijuana. What absolutely stunned me is that nobody saw the flaws in this article. To begin with, Moore leaves out any mention of who was supposed to be selling the Australian marijuana. Since it was the nationality of the dealers that was ‘suspect’ to the tourists, he was suggesting that Australian drug dealers were successfully moving amongst the tourists in direct competition with the Bali Police.

It is well known that the Bali Police are corrupt and if you don’t know that then you haven’t been there. It is common practice for tourists to pay bribes to the police after having bought a $20 bag of marijuana. For Australian dealers to operate amongst the tourists, they would not only be breaking the law, they would be stealing the food from the mouths of corrupt police. Within hours their activities would be known to the users and the other dealers in the bars and their life expectancy could be measured in hours. Not once have any Australian dealers been caught or found dead in Bali and no Australian marijuana has been confiscated yet Mathew Moore would have us believe that the sale of Australian marijuana was so entrenched that it had the recognised trade name of "Aussie Gold".

Why wasn’t this challenged? It is obvious that Moore didn’t just ‘discover’ this story but was ordered by his superiors to make the case for Schapelle’s guilt. History will know the truth of it.

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