Infobyte iM4 Noise Logger (Type 2)

Simple Operation

Operation of the iM4 is easy, just press the ON button. 


The mast and microphone pack inside the case making transport and storage easy. The mast is quick and easy to assemble and requires no tools.

USB Flash Drive

Survey data is stored directly onto a USB flash drive so a download cable is NOT required, just unplug the thumb drive from the iM4 and plug it into your PC.

Long Battery Life

A survey duration of over 9 days on one battery is possible and nearly a month using the full set of three internal batteries.

Wide Measurement Range

Typical dynamic range of 27 to 118dBA, but will usually give good results down to 25dBA.

Complies with Standards

AS1259.1 (IEC 651) and AS1259.2 (IEC 804). See this page for full specifications.

Choice of Frequency Weighting

"A", "C" or LIN frequency weightings can be set by internal jumpers. In addition a response time of Fast or Slow can be selected (Hire loggers are only provided "A" weighted, Fast response).

Easy to Handle

With a weight of just over 9kg, including a battery, the iM4 is easy to carry and the mast packs away inside the case for easy transport.



See hire page for rates.



iM4 logger

Below is a short Flash video introducing the iM4. Alternatively you may view it on YouTube.