Len's Stationary Engines

I'm Len Hopcroft. I live on the Murray river in North West Victoria, Australia.

I have been interested in stationary engines since I was small boy when steam and oil engines were in common use along the Murray River.

I have restored over 30 engines over about 10 years. It is becomming more difficult to find engines to restore, so I have built a new one instead. I will add more photos and some details when time permits.

The Billabong

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Published articles

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Making a Billabong Engine
The journey of building a new engine. Stationary Engine Magazine, July 2011, No 448
Days gone by! Memories of a Pitt Oil Engine. The Olde Machinery Mart
The Cliff and Bunting The saga of the recovery and restoration of a rare Cliff & Bunting, and Australian-made open-crank diesel. Stationary Engine Magazine, March 1995
The Olde Machinery Mart, April-May 1997
International Famous Budget Restoration Tale of an 8hp International Famous restoration Stationary Engine Magazine, March 1996
The Sunshine Challenge A tale of endeavour, inspired by that primeval urge that is rooted in every true engine man - the lustfor rust. Stationary Engine Magazine, July 1996
The Last Piece of the Puzzle The story of my first engine restoration. The Olde Machinery Mart, December 1996
Take a Step Back To Steam My first steam engine restoration. The Olde Machinery Mart, June-July 2002

This is our river boat the Maranoa.

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The Maranoa

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