The following dances were written specifically to teach new beginners during a 12 week course.

We have used this program with great success in our classes and can recommend it.


Vol 2 is more current and we tend to use these dances interspersed with selections from Vol. 1

Once our dancers know the steps we introduce more traditional beginner dances.


I suggest that you start with the first dance and work your way through them. 

We try to teach the first 3 plus the 12 step waltz in the first class. 

Most people pick these up, but of course they don’t remember them.


Because we have mixed level classes our beginners learn to dance ‘their’ dances to other music and

in this way they can continue to dance while our more experienced dancers do ‘their’ dances.

It works well for us and everyone gets to stay for most of the 3 hours that we offer at our classes.


The step sheets will tell you which steps each dance is focussing on.

*Note: some of the step sheets are still in the original format and the contact information is not correct.


Oh I forgot to mention that the dances listed below are actually cd’s. 

They are available for sale for $34 posted in Australia.


Dances For Beginners Vol. 2

DANCE                       ARTIST                                    SONG                                   SEE DANCE ON UTUBE

Nothing New              Isla Grant                                I'm Missing You             

Clowns n Frowns        Bobby Bare/Skeeta Davis         Little Bitty Tear                            

 Made In Japan           Buck Owens                          Made In Japan                                              

Someone                     Mavericks                               Someone Should Tell Her                   

Walking A Mile                      Ray Stevens                Walk A Mile In My Shoes            

Homely Heart             Charlie Robison                      She Leaves Her Heart At Home    

Coming Again             Dolly Parton                           Here You Come Again                       

Loving You                 Mavericks                              Loving You                                 

Somebody's Cha Cha  Crystal Gayle                          Somebody Loves You      

Hey Hoalina                BR549                                   Cherokee Boogie                 

Obsessed                     Glen Frey                               All She Wants To Do Is Dance 

Alamo Alley                Johnny Rodriquez                    Across The Alley From The Alamo

Heavenly                     Mavericks                              All That Heaven Will Allow              

Tulsa Weave                Don Williams                          Tulsa Time                       

Another Sunrise          Alan Jackson                           Tequila Sunrise               

Feelin Good                Michael Jackson                      The Way You Make Me Feel   

Snatched                     Charlie Robison                       Arms Of Love                             

12 Step Waltz             Hank Thompson                        Shenandoah Waltz          

Love At First Waltz    Newfoundland Waltz               Eddie Coffey                              

Waltz Of Woe             Travis Tritt                             Here's A Quarter              


Dances For Beginners Vol. 1

DANCE                                   SONG                                     ARTIST                          WATCH DANCE ON UTUBE           

1. Connections                          Drinkin’ Bone                         Tracy Byrd            

2. Doo Wop                              What Do You Want To           Shakin’ Stevens     

                                                 Make Those Eyes

3. Loving Words                                   Running Out Of Ways                        Mark Chesnutt       

4. Waltz Of Tears                    River Of Tears                         Highway 101                          

5. Sunshine Cha Cha                Sunshine Girl                          Herman’s Hermits 

6.No More                               There Wont Be Anymore         Charlie Rich          

7. Ruby Rock                          Ruby Baby                              Crash Craddock     

8. Gluttony                              I Need More Of You               Bellamy Brothers  

9.Goodlookin'                          Hey Goodlookin                     Yoakam/Zydeco     

10.Even If                               Even If I Tried                         Emilio                  

11.Eviction                              Driving Me Out Of Your Mind            Tracy Byrd                 

12.Departure                            Take Your Memory With You     Vince Gill             

13. Darlene                               Darlene                                   T Graham Brown    

14. Finale                                  One Last Kiss                         Crash Craddock      

15.P.O.Q.                                 I Hear You Knocking              Shakin’ Stevens      

16. Not Divine Intervention     Divine Intervention                  Jeff Carson               

17. Fussin' n Fightin'                            Hold Me Tight                         Ann Murray             

18.The Feelin'                          Feelin’ The Feelin                   Bellamy Brothers    

19. Animal Instinct                  Just Playing Possum                 Alan Jackson            

20.The Wilbury Twist              Wilbury Twist                          Traveling Wilburys  

21. An Irish Waltz                   Beautiful Meath                       Mary Duff             

22. Aussie Antics                     Waltzing Matilda                      Australian Tornados   



Sevens                         Seven Lonely Days                  Patsy Cline  

Dum Dum                    Dum Dum                                Brenda Lee 

Yes                              She Said Yes                            Chad Brock

The Lesson                 

Gotcha                           I Got You                              The Mavericks

Staying Home              Stay Home                               Jack Pledge

Simplicity                    I Could Easily                          Grant Luhrs

Oklahoma Breeze 


Calendar Girl