SONG: It’s A Be Together Night by David Frizzell & Shellie West

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia

Email:janwyllie@iinet.net.au   Web Site: http://www.members.iinet.net.au/~janwyllie/

DANCE:  32 counts, 2 walls,  120 bpm,   Easy Int. level,  16 count intro  Choreo November 2010


Written for Harrie & Annie   -  Silver Valley Country Dancers -  Hope you like the dance!



                           Rock Fwd Back, Shuffle Back, 1/2 Rock Replace, Back Kick

1,2                            Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R

3&4                          Shuffle back stepping L,R,L

5,6                            Making 1/2 right rock/step fwd on R, Rock/replace wt back on L

7,8                            Step back on R, Kick L fwd


                                 Rock Replace, Shuffle Fwd, Step Pivot 1/4, Kick Ball Cross

9,10                          Rock/step back on L, Rock /replace wt fwd on R

11&12                    Shuffle fwd L,R,L

13,14                        Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L

15&16                    Kick R fwd, Step R beside L, Step L across R  (kick ball cross)


                                 Side Rock Replace, Behind Side, Cross Rock/Replace, Side Rock Replace

17,18                        Rock/step R to right, Rock/replace wt sideways onto L

19,20                        Step R behind L, Step L to left

21,22                        Cross/rock R over L, Rock /replace wt back on L

23,24                        Rock/step R to right, Rock/replace wt sideways onto L


                                 Step Behind Fwd 1/4, Step Pivot 1/2, Shuffle fwd, Full Turn

25,26                        Step R behind L, Making 1/4 left step fwd on L

27,28                        Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/2 left transferring wt to L

29&30                    Shuffle fwd R,L,R

31,32                        Making a full turn right step fwd LR  (Just step fwd LR if you don’t like turns)



                                 *There is a 4 count tag at the end of wall 4

1,2                            Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/2 right transferring wt to R

3&4                          Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/2 right transferring wt to R

                                 (If you don't like turns just do a 4 count rocking chair)



                           We all need ‘Be Together’ nights and I thank my friends

in Holland for sending this wonderful song to write to.

Hope you enjoy this easy little dance and that you

sing along to the music while you are dancing!

It’s good for the soul….

See you on the floor sometime…. Jan

Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie