I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by Abba on cd Abba Gold Greatest Hits
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DANCE:    32 counts,  4 walls,  112 bpm,  Suitable for Easy Intermediate level
  *This is the 2nd dance in the Abba series which was written to celebrate the stage show Mamma Mia
1,2  Rock/step R to right, Rock wt to L
3&4  Step R behind L, Step L to left, Step forward on R
5,6  Making 1/2 turn left rock wt forward onto L, Rock back on R
7&8  Shuffle back L,R,L

9,10  Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L
11,12  Stepping forward R,L make a full turn left
13&14  Shuffle forward R,L,R
15,16  Step forward on L, Pivot 1/4 turn right transferring wt to R

17,18  Step forward on L, Tap R toe behind L heel
19,20  Step back on R, Making 1/2 turn left back over left shoulder step L fwd
21,22  Step forward on R, Tap L toe behind R heel
  Step back on L, Making 1/2 turn right back over right shoulder step R fwd

25,26,27&28 Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/4 right, Cross/shuffle to the right L,R,L
29&30  Making 1/4 turn left shuffle backwards R,L,R
31,32  Making 1/2 turn left step forward on L, Touch R beside L

This is another dance in the Abba series.
I love the feel of this music - nice and smooth and flowing.
Although the dance is not hard, it will still keep you thinking.
Hope you enjoy it.

See you on the floor sometime...  Jan