SONG: Just A Memory by The Mavericks. Also available on Jan's No. 7 cd  compilation
: Jan Wyllie, 38 James St.Toowoomba 4350 Qld Australia
Phone/Fax 0746 391028  Web Site:
DANCE:   36 counts,  4  walls,  128 bpm,  Suitable for Easy Intermediate level

1,2,3,4        Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right, Stomp L beside R
5,6,7            Twist heels left, Twist toes left, Twist heels left
8                    Bump R heel taking weight on it as you bump

9,10            Step L across R, Step back on R
11,12          Making 1/4 turn left step L to left, Scuff R fwd
13,14          Step fwd on R, Bend L up behind R and slap foot with R hand
15,16          Step back on L, Touch R heel fwd

17,18          Rock/Step fwd on R, Rock back on L
19&20        Making 1/2 turn right (back over R shoulder) shuffle fwd R,L,R
21,22          Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/4 right tranferring wt to R
23,24          Step fwd on L, Pivot 1/4 right transferring wt to R

25,26,27,28  Step L across R, Step R to right, Step L behind R  Step R to right
29,30          Cross/Rock  L over R, Rock back on R
31&32        Triple step L,R,L while making 1/4 turn left

33,34          Step fwd on R into a 1/4 turn left, Tap L behind R and clap
35,36          Step L to left, Tap R behind L and clap

ere is another 'middle of the road' dance which is done to another great
song by The Mavericks.  It should be easy enough for you to do while you
listen  to the words of the song..... and you never know, you might even be
able to sing along like the Whitehorse Bootscooters do in Melbourne!!!!!!

Here it is the end of April and I look forward to the encroaching winter
months with mixed feelings.... LOVE the thought that I will be able to dance
for much longer without feeling like a melting tub of lard ,but HATE the thought that I will have to freeze in between times. Might have to migrate to Hervey Bay for the winter months I think!!!!  Sound good? 
Might see you there then?  Hope you enjoy the dance .
See you on the floor sometime......  Jan