Ashes by Martina McBride - Also available on Jan's No. 8 cd  compilation
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DANCE:  32 counts,    4 walls,    128 bpm,  Suitable for Easy Intermediate level

1,2          Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L
3,4          Step back on R (slightly towards  the right diagonal), Scuff L fwd
5,6          Step L across R, Step back on R making 1/4 turn left
7,8,        Step L to left, Scuff R fwd

9,10,11,12 Cross/rock R over L, Rock back on L,  Step R to right, Hold
13,14        Cross/rock L over R,  Rock back on R
15,16        Making 1/4 turn left step fwd on L, Hold

17,18       Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L
19,20       Step R toe back, Drop R heel to ground (strut)
21,22        Touch L toe back, Pivot 1/2 turn left transferring wt to L
23,24        Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

25&26     Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step R across in front of left
                (coaster cross)
27,28       Step L to left, Pivot 1/4 turn right transferring wt to R
29,30        Step fwd on L, Touch R toe to right side
&31        Step R beside L, Touch L toe to left side
&32        Step L beside R, Touch R toe to right side

***  On the 6th wall there is a restart after count 16.
  Just resume the dance from the beginning

Hope you enjoy this little dance, Ashes To Ashes.  I've always had a fascination with ashes. I know I'm wierd, but it has always seemed incredible to me that something strong and solid can be transformed into flimsy ashes. Where did the solidity go to? Come to think about it, smoke has always fascinated me too. Where does it go to?........  with the wind.I suppose...... but where does the
wind go to...... and what colour is it?  I often see the results of wind but I'll bet that not one of you has ever actually seen the wind.......... or have you? 
Have I missed out on something?    Phew, see how I get carried away. 
All I really wanted to say was please enjoy the dance and....

See you on the floor sometime.......  Jan