SONG:        Can’t Help Falling In Love by UB40                             

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, 4 Pebble Court, Torquay, Hervey Bay, 4655 Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE:32 counts,  2 walls96 bpm, Easy Int level. After initial vocals the disco beat kicks in, start

dance after count 20. This dance was written for Joy Murdoch from Balclutha New Zealand during my Oct. 2005

workshop tour. The music was of emotional importance for Joy and her husband Keith, who has left the planet.




                                   Rock Fwd & Back, Back Lock, ¼ Rock Return, Back Lock  

1&2                         Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R, Step back on L

3&4                         Step back on R, Lock/step L in front of R, Step back on R

5,6                           Making ¼ left rock step fwd on L, Rock back on R

7&8                         Step back on L, Lock/step R in front of L, Step back on L


                                ½ Rock Return, ½ Shuffle, Rock Fwd ¼ Return, Step Touch Step Touch

9,10                         Making ½ right rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

11&12                     Making ½ right shuffle back over right shoulder shuffle fwd R,L,R

13,14                       Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R while making ¼ left

&15                         Step L to left, Touch R beside L

&16                         Step R to right, Touch L beside R   


                                Side Rock Return, Behind Side Across, Side Rock Return, Rock Return

17,18                       Rock/step L to left, Rock/return wt sideways onto R

19&20                     Step L behind R, Step R to right, Step L across R

21,22                       Rock/step R to right, Rock/return wt sideways onto L

23,24                       Rock/step R behind L, Rock/return wt to L


                                Side Step ¼ Turn, Shuffle Fwd, Full Turn, Step Pivot 1/4

25,26                       Step R to right, Pivot ¼ left transferring wt to L

27&28                     Shuffle fwd R,L,R

29,30                       Step fwd L,R while making a full turn right (or just walk fwd)

31,32                       Step fwd on L, Pivot ¼ right transferring wt to R



                                *There are hip sway tags on walls 3 and 5 after count 16

1,2,3,4                     Take wt on L and sway hips L,R,L,R

                                Restart dance from the beginning.


It was my great pleasure to write this dance for Joy after she

played the song and explained it’s meaning to her.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who will

also relate to it.   Hope you enjoy the dance.


See you on the floor sometime…. Jan









Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie