SONG: Clap Your Hands by Liv Marit Wedvik

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE:36 counts,  2 walls, 128bpm, Easy Int, She sings ‘want I want to say’ start on 3rd word ‘want’

  Choreographed on the first day of spring here in Australia—1st September 2006. AND IT’S RAINING!

2 tags  (which really MAKE the dance….good fun!) =======================================================


                        Vine Right Touch, Step Fwd Tap/Clap, Step Back Tap/Clap

1,2,3,4                    Vine right R,L,R, Touch L beside R

5,6                            Step fwd on L, Tap R beside L and clap if you like

7,8                            Step back on R, Tap L beside R and clap if you like

                                 Shuffle Fwd, Step Pivot 1/4, Step Touch, Bump L,R

9&10  ,11,12          Shuffle fwd L,R,L   Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L

13,14,15,16           Step fwd on R, Touch L beside R, Bump hips left then right

                                 Vine Left Step Across, Side Touch Step Together, Side Touch Step Together

17,18,19,20           Vine left L,R,L, Step R across L

21,22,23,24           Touch L toe to left side, Step L beside R, Touch R toe to right side, Step R beside L

                                 Rock Return, Coaster, Step Pivot 1/4 Stomp Hold, Heel Fwd Across Fwd Together

25,26,27&28         Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R, Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L

29,30,31,32           Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L, Stomp R beside L, Hold

33,34,35,36           Touch L heel fwd, Touch L toe across R, Touch L heel fwd, Step L beside R


*The following tag is an integral part of the dance and happens at the end of walls 2 and 5 (both tags start facing the front) There are 32 counts in the tag and it is repeated (now you know why it is an integral part of the dance!) ….   and it is written to go with the words to the song. The steps go like this:


                                 Step Fwd Swipe Down, Step Touch Swipe Up, Clap x3, Repeat on opposite foot

1                               Step fwd on R while swiping hands downward across the sides of your thighs

2                               Touch L beside R while swiping hands upward across the sides of your thighs 

3&4                          Clap hands 3 times

5,6                            Step fwd on L with swiping motion as above, Step fwd on R with swiping motion

7&8                          Clap hands 3 times as above

                                 Step/Stomp Back x4 With 1/4 Left, Step/ Stomp Fwd x 4

9,10,11,12             Step/stomp back R,L,R, Making 1/4 left stomp up L beside R

13,14,15,16           Step/stomp fwd L,R,L, Stomp up R beside L    

                           Side Shuffle Rock Return, 1/4 Side Shuffle Rock Return

17&18,19,20         Shuffle right stepping R,L,R, Rock L behind R, Rock fwd on R

21&22,23,24         Shuffle left stepping L,R,L making 1/4 turn right, Rock back on R, Rock fwd on L

                                 1/2 Shuffle Rock Return, Fwd Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/4

25&26,27,28         Shuffle fwd R,L,R making 1/2 turn left, Rock back on L, Rock fwd on R

29&30,31,32         Shuffle fwd L,R,L     Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L

                                 REPEAT THE TAG  -  THEN START THE DANCE AGAIN.


ENDING:   You will be facing the back.  Just leave the heel sequence (33-36) off the end of wall 7 and start the last wall of the dance. After the shuffle at count 9&10 make the following 1/4 turn pivot a 1/2 turn to face the front, do your hip bumps and then finish with the first 4 counts of the tag…(step touch clap x 3)


Liv Marit  Wedvik  has a great voice and no doubt we will hear more of her in the future!

I really enjoyed writing this little dance, it’s good fun to do.  Hope you enjoy it too.

See you on the floor sometime…. Jan



Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie

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