SONG: When I Get Lonely by David Ball.  Also available on Jan’s cd Easy Dances 4U Volume 4

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CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, 4 Pebble Court, Torquay, Hervey Bay, 4655 Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE 48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int.  144bpm. Starts 2 beats before vocals, Choreo  Apil 2005



STEPS                   PATTERN OF DANCE

                                 Rock Return, Coaster Step, Rock Return, Coaster Step

1,2,3&4                  Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R, Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L

5,6,7&8                  Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L, Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step fwd on R


                                 Shuffle Fwd, Step Together, Stomp Scoot Step, Coaster Cross

9&10,11,12           Shuffle fwd L,R,L,  Step fwd on R, Step L beside R  

13&14                    Stomp R beside L (wt on L), Scoot back on L (or just hop), Step back on R   

15&16                    Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step L across R


                                 Vine Right With Full Turn, Side Shuffle, Rock Return

17,18,19,20           Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right, Step L across R

                             (More experienced dancers please execute a full turn right stepping R,L on counts 19,20)

21&22                    Shuffle to the right R,L,R

23,24                        Rock L behind R, Rock/return wt to R


                                 Vine Left With 1/4 Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/4, Shuffle Fwd

25,26,27&28         Step L to left, Step R behind L, Making 1/4 left shuffle fwd L,R,L

29,30,31,&32        Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L, Shuffle fwd R,L,R


                                 Step Scuff, Step Scuff, Rock Return, Step Back Touch

33,34,3536             Step fwd on L, Scuff R fwd, Step fwd on R, Scuff L fwd

37,38                        Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R

39,40                        Step back on L, Touch R beside L


                                 Side Step Stomp/Clap, Side Step Stomp/Clap, Rock Return, Step Scuff

41,42,43,44           Step R to right, Stomp L beside R and clap, Step L to left, Stomp R beside L and clap

45,46  ,47,48          Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L, Step fwd on R, Scuff L fwd


                                 *There is a restart after count 32 on wall 5



Men!  Don’t leave em alone for too long or they get lonely, as this song says. 

If you think they are lonely for YOU, don’t be surprised when you find out

that it wasn't you they missed, just the sex! 

Oh how good it is to be so old and wise….. But I wasn’t always!!


The dance is easy but it will test brand new dancers.  Keep practising!

See you on the floor sometime………….. Jan