Hillbilly Waltz by Jim Reeves.  Also available on Jans no. 11 cd
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DANCE:  54 counts,  2 walls,  120 bpm,  Easy Int level, Choreographed 1/07/02




1,2,3                Waltz fwd L,R,L
4,5,6                Step back on R, Tap L beside R, Hold

7,8,9                Step L to left side, Cross/rock R over L, Rock wt back to L
10,11,12          Step R to right side, Cross/rock L over R, Rock wt back to R

13,14,15          Making ¼ turn left waltz fwd L,R,L
16,17,18          Making ¼ turn left waltz back R,L,R

19,.20,21          Step L fwd and across R, Touch R toe to right side, Hold
22,23,24          Step R fwd and across L, Touch L toe to left side, Hold

25,26,27          Waltz fwd L,R,L
28,29,30          Making ¼ turn left waltz back R,L,R

31,32,33          Waltz fwd L,R,L
34,35,36          Making ¼ turn left waltz back R,L,R

                        HINT: Because the next steps are towards the left diagonal,
                                    it will make it easier if you overturn on the above ¼ turn
37,38,39          Stepping towards the left diagonal (corner) waltz fwd L,R,L
40,41,42          Waltz back R,L,R straightening up to the wall

43,44,45          Stepping towards the right diagonal (corner) waltz fwd L,R,L
46,47,48          Waltz back R,L,R straightening up to the wall

49,50,51            Waltz fwd L,R,L while making ½ turn left
52,53,54            Waltz back R,L,R

This dance reads harder than it actually is.
If you like, take the turns at 49-54 out if you don't like them
and just waltz fwd.  Do what you like but be sure to have fun
and enjoy yourself! That's the main aim!
Aren't waltzes lovely?  They are my favourite.
Hope YOU like them too.

See you on the floor sometime….  Jan

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