SONG           If You'd Like Some Loving  by   David Ball

DANCE:       32 count, 2 walls, easy int. dance.  He sings ‘If You’d Like Some Loving’. Start on                                    the word ‘loving’

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

                                             Phone  0741 245534    Email: janwyllie@iinet.net.au

                                             Web Site: http://www.members.iinet.net.au/~janwyllie



                           Walk Fwd RL, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Return, Shuffle Back

1,2                            Stride step forward R-L

3&4                        Shuffle forward R-L-R

5,6                            Rock forward on L, rock back on R

7&8                          Shuffle backwards L-R-L


                                 Side Rock Return, Sailor Shuffle Back x 3

8,10                        Rock/step R to the R, rock weight to L  Moving Backwards:

11&12                    Sailor Shuffle R-L-R

13&14                    Sailor Shuffle L-R-L

15&16                   Sailor Shuffle R-L-R


                                 Behind 1/4 Turn, 1/2 Shuffle, 1/2 Shuffle, Rock Return

17,18                      Step L behind R, making 1/4 turn R step forward on R

19&20                    Making 1/2 turn R shuffle back L-R-L

21&22                    Making 1/2 turn R shuffle forward R-L-R

23,24                      Rock forward on L, rock back on R


                                 Full Turn Back, 1/4 Shuffle, Cross Rock Return, 1/2 Turn

25,26                        Making a full turn left (back over left shoulder) step L - R

27&28                    Making 1/4 turn left side shuffle L-R-L

29,30                      Cross/rock R over L, Rock back on L

31                             Step R to R side making 1/4 turn R

32                             Making 1/4 turn R step L beside R




This slow smooth flowing dance will suit those of you

who like easyish dances that feel nice to do.

I hope you enjoy both the music and the dance.


I really enjoy listening to David Ball and have written

other dances to this same album “Starlight Lounge”

   They are "The Ballroom Waltz",

"On My Mind" And "Strangle Hold".


See You On The Floor Sometime…….Jan