(In Memory Of)


SONG: Rose Of My Heart by Johnny Rodriquez

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia

Email:janwyllie@iinet.net.au   Web Site: http://www.members.iinet.net.au/~janwyllie/

DANCE:48 counts,  2 walls, 112 bpm, Easy Intermediate Level,   24 count intro, start on vocals

   Choreo June 2007                   2 TAGS  1 RESTART



                                 Diagonal Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back, Diagonal Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back

1,2,3                         Turning to the right corner waltz fwd L,R,L

4,5,6                         Waltz back R,L,R turning towards the left corner

7,8,9                         Waltz fwd L,R,L (towards left corner)

10,11,12                 Waltz back R,L,R straightening up to the front


                                 Fwd Together Fan Out, Fan In Bump Bump, Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back 1/2

13,14,15                 Step fwd on L, Step R beside L, Fan R toes out

16,17,18                 Fan/Return R to centre taking wt, Bump L heel, Bump R heel

19,20,21                 Waltz fwd L,R,L

22,23,24                 Waltz back R,L,R making 1/2 turn left to face back wall


                                 Step Scuff Hitch/Slap, Waltz Back, Waltz Fwd 1/2, Waltz Back

25,26,27                 Step fwd on L, Scuff R fwd, Hitch R and slap with R hand

28,29,30                 Waltz back R,L,R

31,32,33                 Waltz fwd L,R,L making 1/2 left

34,35,36                 Waltz back R,L,R


                                 Cross Waltz, Cross Waltz, Waltz Fwd, Waltz Back 3/8

37,38,39                 Step L across R, Rock/step R to right, Rock/Return wt sideways onto L

40,41,42                 Step R across L, Rock/step L to left, Rock/Return wt sideways onto R

43,44,45                 Waltz fwd L,R,L

46,47,48                 Waltz back R,L,R making 3/8 turn left to face the right corner


                                 *There is a 6 beat tag at the end of walls 2 and 4. Please do this…

1,2,3                         Waltz fwd L,R,L towards the right corner

4,5,6                         Step back on R, Touch L beside R, Hold (still facing right corner)


                                 *There is a restart after count 24 on wall 5


The original Rose of Hearts Waltz was my first attempt at line dance choreography.

I wrote it for Anneke and it won quite a few competitions back then.

However, in  retrospect, it was the worst piece of choreography imaginable.

I thought it time to right the wrong, so here is  version 2, still simple and

still retaining most of the steps from the first attempt...which by the way

was about 12 years ago now….. My how the time flies as the years roll on! 

Anneke died of a brain tumour in March 1999 but she will always live on in my heart.


The original dance was done to the version of the song by Hugh Moffatt but

these days I prefer this version by Johnny Rodriquez. It is also sung by  Foster & Allen,

Johnny Cash (faster), Paul McCloud and several  others, so you just take your pick!


See you on the floor sometime…. Jan


Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie