SONG: Tiny Bubbles by Connie Francis

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia

Email:janwyllie@iinet.net.au   Web Site: http://www.members.iinet.net.au/~janwyllie/

DANCE: 32  counts, 4 walls,  152 bpm, Easy Int,  16 count intro,  Nov 2011


Written by request for Rachel Lardy from Domerat, France.. =====================================================


                           Side Rock/Replace, Stomp RL, Heel Together, Heel Together

1,2                            Rock/step R to right, Rock/replace wt sideways onto L

3,4                            Stomp R beside L, Stomp L beside R

5,6,7,8                    Touch R heel fwd, Step R beside L, Touch L heel fwd, Step L beside R


                                 Rock Fwd Back,  Back Touch, Shuffle Back, Rock Back Fwd

9,10,11,12              Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L, Step back on R, Touch L beside R

13,&14                   Shuffle back L,R,L

15,16                        Step back on R, Rock fwd on L


                                 Step Scuff, Step Scuff, Across Back, 1/4 Turn Scuff

17,18                        Step fwd on R, Scuff L fwd

19,20                        Step fwd on L, Scuff R fwd

21,22,23,24           Step R over L, Step back on L, Making 1/4 right step R to right, Scuff L fwd


                                 Step Lock, Step Scuff, Toe Strut Fwd RL

25,26,27,28           Step fwd on L, Lock/step R behind L, Step fwd on L, Scuff R fwd

29,30,31,32           Toe strut fwd R,L








This is a very short song, so you might have to do the dance twice! (-:

Rachel loves this song, so here is an easy little dance to go with it.

Hope it pleases you Rachel


  See you on the floor sometime....  Jan         

Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie