SONG:   Horse To Mexico by Trini Triggs (on self titled single)

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie,  Hervey Bay Qld Australia
Email:    Web Site:
DANCE:  32 counts, 2 walls, 124 bpm, Easy Intermediate, 32 count intro,  Rereleased June 2010



BEATS                PATTERN

                                 Heel Fwd Side, &Across Side, Heel Fwd Side &Across Side 

1,2                          Touch R heel forward, Touch R heel to right side
              Step R back slightly, Step L across in front of R, Step R to right side
               Touch L heel forward, Touch L heel to left side
& 7,8       
              Step L back slightly, Step R across in front of L, Step L to left  side

                                 Cross Rock Return, Side Shuffle, Across Hold, 1/4 Heel Rock 1/4 Heel Rock
                     Rock/step R across in front of L, Rock back on R
                  Shuffle to the right R,L,R
                Step L across in front of R, Hold
&15                       Keeping feet crossed lift heels, Turning 1/4 right drop heels to ground
&16                       Lift heels, Turn a further 1/4 turn right and drop heels to ground

                                 Walk Back RL, Coaster Step, Shuffle Fwd, 1/2 Shuffle
              Walk backwards R, L
19 & 20   
               Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step forward on R (coaster step)
                Shuffle forward L,R,L
23 &24   
               Making 1/2 left shuffle back R,L,R

                                          1/2 Shuffle, Rock Return, Shuffle Back, Rock & Together                                              

25 & 26                  Making 1/2 turn left (back over L shoulder) shuffle forward L,R,L
                  Rock forward on R, Rock back on L
29 & 30 
                Shuffle backwards R,L,R
&32                   Rock/bounce back on L, Return weight to R, Step L beside R (weight on L)


                                 * There is a restart after count 8 on wall 3     



                                                       Hope you enjoy Mexican Horse

                                  I know it will appeal to those of you who don't cope

                                            so well with lots of tricky steps and turns.

                                 The restart is very simple, it just means that you

                                            repeat the first 8 counts of the dance.
                                             See you on the floor sometime....Jan