SONG: Everywhere I Turn by Sweethearts Of The Rodeo. Also available on CD ‘Tamworth 2006’..                                                                                          More information available from the website below.

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE: 32 counts,   2 walls, 128 bpm, Easy Intermediate, Start immediately on vocals Choreo . Dec 05

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                           Weave Left, Cross Rock Return, 1/4 Shuffle

1,2,3,4                    Step R over L, Step L to left, Step R behind L, Step L to left

5,6                            Cross/rock R over L, Rock back on  L

7&8                          Making 1/4 right shuffle fwd R,L,R


                                 Rock Return, Step Back Touch, &Step Right Touch Hold, Step Left Stomp

9,10                          Rock/step fwd on L, Rock back on R

11,12                        Step back on L, Touch R beside L

&13,14                   Step R to right, Touch L beside R, Hold

15,16                        Step L to left, Stomp R beside L


                                 Right Swivet Step, Left Swivet Step, Rock Return, 1/4 Shuffle

17                             Take wt on ball of L and heel of R  then twist toes right

18                        Return both feet to centre  (17,18 = right swivet)

19                        Take wt on ball of R and heel of L then twist toes to left

20                             Return both feet to centre  (19,20 = left swivet)

21,22                        Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L

23&24                    Shuffle fwd R,L,R making 1/4 turn left


                                 Rock Return, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Rock Return, Walk Fwd

25,26                        Rock/step back on L, Rock fwd on R

27&28                    Shuffle fwd L,R,L making 1/2 turn right

29,30                        Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L

31,32                        Walk fwd R,L


This is an easy dance but it’s got a trick for you to master.

Swivets are easy once you get the hang of it…. like most things in life!


It’s hard to imagine that some of the things you are pretty good at now were

 once So hard to do…. bet there’s some that YOU can remember in your lifetime. 

I can’t remember when I couldn’t dance or ride a bike because I was started

on both of those activities before my memory kicked in (like 3 years) but

there have  been lots of things in my life that didn’t come so easy at the

beginning and it’s just been sheer perseverance that got me over the hump. 

Once you can do something well you quickly forget how it felt when you

couldn’t manage so well and that becomes obvious on the line dance floor

when you see more experienced dancers losing their patience with the beginners. 

It’s good to remember the past puts things in perspective!


Sweethearts Of The Rodeo have a great sound and I always enjoy writing to their

songs. Now it’s just up to you to enjoy the dance and everything will be perfect!                    

See you on the floor sometime……..Jan











step sheet by

Jan Wyllie