SONG : Walk Right Back by Anne Murray on C.D. Greatest Hits. Also available on Jans no. 10 cd       
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DANCE: 64 counts, , 2 walls, 144 bpm,  Early Intermediate level,. Choreographed Oct 1999
BEATS            PATTERN OF DANCE       
1,2,3,4          Vine to the right R,L,R, Step L over R
5,6,7,8          Rock/Step R to right, Rock weight to L, Stomp R over L, Hold

9,10,11,12    Vine to the left L,R,L, Step R over L
13,14,15,16  Rock/step L to left, Rock weight to R, Stomp L in front of R, Hold

17,18,19,20  Twist heels out, in, out,in
21,22            Rocking weight back on R kick L forward (low kick), Step forward on L
23&24          Shuffle forward R,L,R

25,26          Step forward on L, Pivot 1/2 turn right transferring weight to R
27,28          Stomp L forward, Hold
29,30          Step forward on R, Pivot 1/2 turn left transferring weight to L
31,32          Stomp R,L together

33,34          Touch R heel to right diagonal, Step R beside L
35,36          Touch L heel to left diagonal, Step L beside R
37,38          Touch R heel forward, Touch R toe beside L foot
39,40          Touch R toe to right side, Touch R toe beside L foot

41,42          Rock/step R to right side, Rock weight toL
43,44          Rock/step R across in front of R, Rock weight to L
45,46          Rock/step R to right side, Rock weight to L
47,48          Rock/step R behind L, Rock weight to L

49,50,51,52 Vine to the right R,L,R Stomp L beside R
53,54,55,56 Vine to the left L,R,L making 1/4 turn left on the 3rd step, Scuff R forward

57&58        Rock forward on R, Rock back on L
59&60          Make a 1/2 turn right back over right shoulder while shuffling R,L,R
61&62          Make a further 1/4 turn right while shuffling L,R,L
63,64            Rock/Step R behind L, Rock/Return weight to L

I wrote this dance in 1999 for Peter Jeffs  who hails from the
  beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. He gave me the
  C.D and  admitted to loving this song. I remember it as an
  Everley  Brothers song way back in 19....mmmmm. ?
  Anyhow, the crux of the matter was that we both liked the
  song--so here is the dance.  Good on you Peter - and anybody
  else out there who remembers this song, and is game enough
  to admit that they like it.  Hope you like the dance too.

    See you on the floor sometime....Jan