SONG: Sailor by Kathy Raydings  -  or any other version of this lovely old song.

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE:  32 counts, 2 walls,  100 bpm, Easy level,  16 count intro 




                                 Stomp &Step Fwd, Rock Replace, Step Back 1/2 Turn, Step Pivot 1/2                           

1&2                          Stomp R beside L, Step R beside L, Step fwd on L

3,4                            Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

5,6                            Step back on R, Making 1/2 turn left back over left shoulder step fwd on L

7,8                            Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/2 turn left taking wt on L


                                 Rock Replace, Coaster Cross, Touch Side Touch Across, Slow Unwind 1/2

9,10                          Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

11&12                    Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step R across L (coaster cross)

13,14                        Touch L toe to left side, Touch L over R foot

15,16                        Making a slow 1/2 turn right on balls of both feet take wt on L


                                 Rock Replace, Step Pivot 1/4, Rock Replace, Back Lock Back

17,18                        Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L

19,20                        Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 turn left transferring wt to L

21,22                        Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

23&24                    Step back on R, Lock L in front of R, Step back on R


                                 Rock Replace, Shuffle Fwd, Walk 3/4 Turn

25,26                        Rock/step back on L, Rock fwd on R

27&28                    Shuffle fwd L,R,L

29,30,31,32           Walk around in a 3/4 turn left stepping R,L,R,L

*I found it hard to describe the last 4 steps, but all you are doing is walking around in

 a 3/4 turn left. Not on the spot, but more like an arc.  Hope this explanation helps.



Here’s another lovely old song by Kathy Raydings. It will bring back memories I am sure.


The dance is not too hard and the music is lovely to listen  to..... and you’ll be able to do that once you master the steps.

I love it when the class sings along to the music as they dance - then nobody notices how bad MY voice is!


Song and dance - what a great outlet for stress. Get into it!


See you on the floor sometime.... Jan








See you on the floor sometime…. Jan

Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie