SONG :  Heaven's Just A Sin Away by Kelly Willis on C.D. One More Time or on
Jan's  No.6 Compilation
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DANCE:  This is a 32 count, 2 wall  Line Dance which is suitable for Beginner Level 

1,2  Step R to right, Step L behind right
3,4  Step R to right, Stomp L beside R (keep weight on R)
5,6  Touch L heel forward, Drop L foot to floor  (heel strut)
7,8  Touch R heel forward, Drop R foot to floor  (heel strut

9,10  Rock/step forward on L, Rock back on R
11,12  Step back on L, Hold
13,14  Rock/step back on R, Rock forward on L
15,16  Step forward on R, Hold

17&18  Kick L foot forward, Step L beside R, Step R beside L (kick ball    change)
19,20  Step forward on L, Hold
21&22  Kick R foot forward, Step R beside L, Step L beside R (kick ball change)
23,24  Step forward on R, Hold

25,26  Rock/step forward on L, Rock back on R
27,28  Step back on L, Touch R beside L
29,30  Step back on R, Touch L beside R
31,32  Making 1/4 turn left step L to left side, Touch R beside L

  This easy little dance was written with the intention of teaching
  new dancers how to do "vines" "struts"  "kick ball changes"
  and "hold steps".  Hope it does the trick for YOU and  that you
  enjoy the dance. 
  This is the first choreography I have done to  Kelly Willis but I
  don't think it will be the last somehow!  Isn't she terrific?  She
  sounds like a female version of Dwight Yoakum to me and that
  means country with a capital C - and of course, you know I LUV
  country music with a passion.  Hope you do too.
  See you on the floor sometime…. Jan