SONG: Loser Friendly by David Ball  Also available on Jans  cd  "Easy Dances 4U" #1
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DANCE: 32  counts,  4 walls,  128  bpm,  Suitable for Late Beginner level,  Choreographed July 2002


1,2,3,4          Toe strut forward R,L
5,6,7,8         Toe strut forward R,L

9,10             Scuff R fwd, Step R over L
11,12           Step L to left, Step R to right
13,14           Scuff L over R, Step L over R
15,16            Step back on R, Making 1/4 turn left step fwd on L

17,18           Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L
19,20           Step back on R toe, Drop R heel (toe strut)
21&22          Making 1/2 turn back over L shoulder shuffle fwd L,R,L
23,24            Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L

26,26            Step back on R, Hold
27,28,29,30   Walk back L,R,L, Touch R beside L
31,32            Touch R toe to right side, Touch R toe beside L

There is one re-start on the 5th wall (when you face the front again)
After count 16 just start the dance again from the beginning.....EASY!

This is the first dance I wrote for my album "Easy Dances Just 4U"
I have been asked so often, and from so many different sources, to do
some easy dances to some good old country music that I thought
it was about time I stopped procrastinating and got moving on it.

Hope you enjoy the end product because it is also the first cd which has been
produced under the "Country Moon" label.... so naturally I am looking for
your approval.  Some feedback would be appreciated!

See you on the floor sometime.....  Jan

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