SONG: Someone Had To Teach You by Wade Hayes

CHOREOGRAPHER: Jan Wyllie, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia   Web Site:

DANCE:32 counts,  2 walls, 128bpm, Easy Intermediate Level, 16 count intro, start on the vocals

  Choreo July 2007                         NO TAGS  OR RESTARTS



                                 Rock/Return, R Kick Ball Change, Walk Fwd R L, Kick Kick

1,2                            Rock/step back on R, Rock fwd on L

3&4                          R leg kick ball change

5,6                            Walk fwd R,L

7,8                            Kick R fwd twice


                                 Walk Back R,L,R Touch, Side Stomp/Clap, Side Stomp/Clap

9,10,11,12              Walk back R,L,R, Touch L beside R

13,14                        Step L to left,  Stomp R beside L

14,16                        Step R to right, Stomp L beside R


                                 Side Shuffle, Rock Return, Side Shuffle, Behind Side

17&18                    Side/shuffle left stepping L,R,L

19,20                        Rock/step R behind L, Rock/return wt to L

21&22                    Side/shuffle right stepping R,L,R

23,24                        Rock/step L behind R, Step R to right


                                 Cross Rock/Return, 1/4 Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/4, Fwd Rock/Return    

25,26                        Cross/rock L over R, Rock back on R

27&28                    Making 1/4 left shuffle fwd L,R,L

29&30                    Step fwd on R, Pivot 1/4 left transferring wt to L

31,32                        Rock/step fwd on R, Rock back on L









This is a cute little song by Wade Hayes. 


Life’s lessons are sometimes hard learned and sometimes it is hard to know

who is the instructor and who is the learner.  This song is a bit like that.

I couldn’t figure out how long it was going to take for the guy to learn HIS lesson.

He sings about taking his girlfriend back after she cheated on him and because

someone else has now hurt her he thinks that she has learned her lesson.

 Maybe…… and maybe not, but it’s quite obvious that he

hasn’t learned HIS lesson…….once bitten twice shy!!!


Gees I’m a cynical old cow…. That’s what age does for you!

Hope you enjoy the dance though……


See you on the floor sometime.. Jan






Original sheet by

Jan Wyllie