A Guy's Waltz                                  48 counts, 2 walls, 160 bpm, Easy Intermediate, Song by Brad Paisley

                                                            This dance was an impromptu effort during my New Zealand Workshop Tour in

                                                            October 2007.  Joy Murdoch from Balclutha in the South Island gave me the

                                                           music on the Friday night and I taught the dance next day at her workshop.

                                                            Congratulations to our Aussie group who quickly learned the dance in their motel

                                                            room so that they could demonstrate it before I taught it…thanks ladies!

                                                            It's quite a pacey little waltz but is still very manageable so have a go!



Border Run                                         32 counts, 4 walls, Easy Intermediate, 120bpm, Song by Johnny Rodriquez                                                                                                                                           An easy dance to a fun song, with a little trick to keep you interested.

                                                            1 RESTART


Leave The Lights On                         32 counts, 2 walls, 120 bpm, Easy Intermediate, Song by Johnny Rodriquez

                                                            A lovely song by Johnny and a dance that is a bit different. 



Quit It                                                 32 counts, 4 walls, Easy Intermediate, 120 bpm, Song by Gil Grand

1 TAG                                                


C'mon Baby                                        32 counts, 2 walls, Upper Beginner, 148 bpm, Song by Gil Grand



Just One More Waltz                         48 counts, 2 walls,  Easy Intermediate, 144bpm, Song by Johnny Rodriquez…



Cowboy Half Up                                48 counts,  2 walls, 112bpm, Easy Intermediate, Song by Jill Johnson  

                                                            Written in response to a request from Tracey Daffey  (Dolphin Line Dancers,

                                                            Yepoon Qld)  for an easier dance to this song.

                                                            1 RESTART


If You Like                                         32 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate, Song by David Ball 

                                                            This dance was actually written years ago, but it is new to this website. 

                                                            It was a very popular dance back then and for dancers who have never seen it, perhaps it will

                                                            be again.  It is a slow dance that flows well, but there are a few turns to contend with.

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Grand Words                                      32 counts, 4 walls, 120 bpm, Easy Int. Song by Gill Grand

                                                            First taught at my Rockhampton workshop. Thanks to Jean O'Leary for introducing

                                                            me to this artist, I love his voice.  A simple dance with interesting steps that everyone

                                                             will manage.

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


King Of Fools                                     64 counts, 2 walls, 132 bpm, Easy Int. Song by Dwight Yoakam

                                                            First taught at my Rockhampton workshop. I saved this dance for Sue Dasecke because

                                                            I know she loves Dwight Yoakam.  I agree with her too, his songs are great to dance to

                                                            and this song feels particularly nice to me. I've written a dance that should keep you

                                                             interested without being too hard to manage. Well, that was the plan anyhow! (-:

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


Teaser                                                 32 counts, 2 walls, 120 bpm, Easy Int. Song by Lucille Starr and Carl Smith 

                                                            Easy steps, easy dance once you get the timing. They loved this one.

                                                            The singers are new to me, but they sure are country!

                                                            1 RESTART


Champagne No Ice                             48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate Waltz, 128 bpm, Song by Elton John

featuring Tammy Wynette.        Written in response to a request for an easier dance

 to this lovely song because many people can’t handle the harder dance by M V Lobos

 called  Champagne On Ice. This dance is called Champagne, No Ice! Looking at the

step sheet this dance may seem harder than it really is. The Monterey turn is unusual

 in a waltz but it’s easy and feels nice to do…. So have a go!



The Lesson                                         32 counts, 2 walls, 128 bpm,  Late Beginner, Song by Wade Hayes 

                                                            First taught at my Sunshine Coast workshop. The whole room was doing this dance in

                                                            5 minutes!  Wade Hayes sings good solid country and that is always good to dance to!

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


Tomorrow                                            64 counts, 2 walls, 144 bpm, Easy Intermediate Song by The Shirelles (Dirty Dancing)

                                                            First taught at the Sunshine Coast workshop. I fell in love with this song all those years ago

                                                            when Dusty Springfield sang it.  The movieDirty Dancing brought it back into the limelight

                                                             and now, after all this time, I have finally  written to it.  The dance is simple with a trick at

                                                             the end and I hope you enjoy it as much as t hey did at the workshop 



     (In Memory Of)

Rose Of Hearts Waltz                        48 counts, 2 walls, 112 bpm, Easy Intermediate  Song by Johnny Rodriquez

                                                            The original Rose of Hearts Waltz was my first attempt at line dance choreography.

                                                            I wrote it for Anneke and it won quite a few competitions back then. However, in  retrospect,

                                                             it was the worst piece of choreography imaginable.  I thought it time to right the wrong, so

                                                             here is  version 2, still simple and still retaining most of the steps from the first attempt...which

                                                             by the way was about 12 years ago now….. My how the time flies as the years roll on! 

                                                            Anneke died of a brain tumour in March 1999 but she will always live on in my heart.

                                                            The original dance was done to the version of the song by Hugh Moffatt but these days I prefer

                                                            this version by Johnny Rodriquez. It is also sung by  Foster & Allen,Johnny Cash (faster),

                                                             Paul McCloud and several  others, so you just take your pick!


Shining Waltz                                     48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int.  96 bpm Song by Doug Stone

                                                            The dancers at my Sunshine Coast workshop demo'd this dance for my benefit because

                                                             although I wrote it, I had actually never seen it done… and I liked it a lot! 


Heart Block                                         64 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int. 144 bpm, 1 restart, Song by Jake Mathews

                                                            I got to see this dance being done for the first time at my Sunshine Coast workshop.

                                                            Once again, although I wrote it, I had never had the opportunity of seeing it done.

                                                            It's terrific music but you have to be quick at the start because it starts very early!

                                                            NOTE: the last 4 steps of the dance were revised in April 07


Somebody's Waltz                              48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate, Song by Scooter Lee   

                                                            This dance was choreographed for Debbie Guy from Toowoomba, for her 40th birthday,

 by request from her students who love her and appreciate the time she spends with them.

 It is just a beautiful song and the dance is lovely to do.  You'll like it I'm sure!

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


Country Life                                      32 counts, 4 walls, Easy Intermediate, 120 bpm, Song by Deryl Dodd

                                                            A bright uptempo little dance which has appealed to many people.

                                                            1 RESTART


Luckenbach                                         64 counts,  2 walls, Easy Intermediate, 104bpm, Song by Willy Nelson & Waylon Jennings

                                                            Written by request for Daphne of Hervey Bay to an old country classic. If you like country, you'll

                                                            like this, and if not…. Don't go there!

                                                            The dance is easy in spite of it's 64 counts and the tag is jus 4 ' step touches'  Easy as!     



Por Favor                                           32 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate, 104 bpm, Song by Doris Day,                                                                           

Written by request for Pam Phelps from Redland Bay in Qld.  Thanks for the song Pam and I hope

you enjoy the dance. It's easy but tricky -  the song is slow and you have time to think about it.

                                                            1 tag


Wah Oooh!                                          32 counts, 2 walls, 104 bpm, Easy Intermediate, Song by The Mavericks

                                                The Mavericks are always fabulous and this smooth, easy on the ear song is no exception.

                                                            It is one of those songs that can  stir you up, or send you to sleep, depending on your mood.

                                                            I must admit that it has done both of those things for me  (-: 

                                                            The dance will be easy for seasoned dancers but the less experienced  may find  it harder,

                                                            but it won’t take long to learn… and it’s not for beginners

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


Reelin'                                                 64 counts, 2 walls, 128 bpm, Intermediate, Song by Glen Rogers 

                                                             I wrote this dance months ago, just on a whim when the feeling struck me, and it has been

                                                            sitting around waiting for the right time to release it. Yesterday I saw another dance on the

                                                            web to the same music and had to quickly decided whether to ditch mine or release it…….

                                                            After testing the dance on our class I have decided to release it….So here it is. If you like

                                                             this type of music and dance you will appreciate it - AND WHAT A WORKOUT!   (-:

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS


A Little Bit Sweet                 64 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int. 120 bpm. Song by Gwen Stefani 

                                                            Written as an easier dance to the same music as the above dance.  This dance is not so

                                                            challenging but is still interesting and feels good to do  Give it a go!

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Yesterday Once More              32 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int.  88 bpm, Song by The Carpenters,                                                                       

(aka Mary's Dance)                              Written for Pam Davies from Perth who requested a dance  for her friend Mary who

                                                 is terminally ill and no longer able to line dance.  Pam wanted Mary to know that her                 

                                                             friends love her and appreciate her and that she is a very special person to them.

                                                            1 restart


Lets Begin The Beguine                    64 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int. 108 bpm,   Song by The Limeliters.

                                                            This dance 'feels' nice and you just seem to float through the whole dance.

                                                            Dancers of all levels should enjoy this.

                                                            1 easy tag


Rockin' The Rythmn              32 counts, Easy Intermediate,  Song by The Judds

                                                            Already popular, this little dance is uptempo and although it is basically easy, it has a trick!

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Staying In Love                                64 counts, Easy Intermediate,  Song, by Freddie Fender

                                                             This song has a definite Spanish influence and is sung bilinqually.  It's nice!  So is the dance……

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Dunn That                                          32 counts, Easy Intermediate  Song by Holly Dunn

                                                            First taught by Patti Fall  at a workshop in California U.S.A. The dance is easy but interesting

                                                            and the song by Holly Dunn is a bit bluesy and definitely  easy on the ear.  Give it a go!

                                                            2 dead easy tags


No Bed Of Roses                                32 counts, Easy Intermediate Song by Faith Hill

                                                            A little up tempo song and an easy dance to go with it.

                                                              easy tags and a restart


Mary Did You Know                          64 counts, Easy Intermediate,  Song by Rogers/Judd

(with turns taken out)                            This is a lovely song and I thank Jo from the USA for sending it to me.  The dance is exactly

                                                            The same as the original dance but has had all of the turns taken out.

                                                            2 TAGS


Two Steppin' Love                             32 counts, Easy Intermediate   Song by Aaron Watson 

                                                            This is a great little two stepping song and the dance reflects the song. It's nice to do.

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Honky Tonk Merry Go Round           32 counts,  Easy Intermediate  Song by Patsy Cline

                                                            This song is an old country classic and the dance has proven to be very popular.

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


The Long Yard                                   32 counts, Easy Int,   Song by Kernaghan and Slim Dusty

                                                            The song, The Long Yard, is the eternal favourite of all Aussie country music fans.

                                                            It is definitely an Aussie country classic and  I love it!  The dance wasn't easy to write but

 when you get the feel for the beat of the song you will really enjoy it.  Our classes love it.

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Night Rider's Waltz                           48 counts, Upper Level Of Easy Int Waltz,  Song by Nanci Griffith

                                                            This is a very nice song which feels  lovely to dance to. I enjoy it anyhow, hope you do too.

                                                            1 Repetitive tag


Chains Of Gold                                   64 counts, Upper Level of Easy Int, , Song by Sweethearts of the Rodeo

                                                            Written by request for Margaret who hails from Wales but currently resides in Hervey Bay .

                                                            This song has always been a favourite of mine, and I hope YOU like it too.  The dance is not

                                                             hard but you will need to keep your wits about you!

                                                            1 Tag


Cajun Hustle                                       64 counts, 2 walls,  162 bpm,  Easy Intermediate.  The song is by Gary Allen                    

                                                            Written  for Chris Collingnon from The Netherlands.  An uptempo dance with a good beat

                                                            1 tag    


Undecided                                           64 counts, Upper Level of Easy Int, Song by Magnificent Seven

                                                            3 hip bump tags and 1 restart


Open Up                                             64 counts,  Upper level of Easy Intermediate, Song by The Bellamy Brothers

                                                            Although this dance has 64 counts, it is still easy because there is some repetition of steps.  The song is

                                                            new to me, and I thought I knew ALL the Bellamy Brothers songs!  I think you will like this dance. We do!

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


Angelic                                                32 counts, Easy Intermediate,  Song by Abba

                                                            A lovely song by Abba which is worth listening to even if you don't like the dance! (:         

                                                             1 RESTART, 3 HOLDS


Love's Shadow                                   32 counts, Easy Intermediate, , Song by Charley Pride

                                                            Written by request for Judy from Hervey Bay.           A slow dance with interesting steps.

                                                            1 RESTART





Another Shot Of Tequila                   64 counts, Intermediate,   Song by Eddy Raven

                                                            I love this song and find the dance very appealing as well.  I hope YOU do too.

                                                            1 tag


"Ten" The Waltz                                54 counts, Intermediate waltz,  Song by Robert Mizzell

                                                            The song is really nice, slow and easy on the ear.  The dance is not for those who like easy

                                                            dances because it has an element of difficulty which will appeal to the more advanced dancer.

                                                            2x 3 beat tags


She Don't Know                                  64 counts, Intermediate dance, 2 RESTARTS, Song by Aaron Watson

                                                            This is a sweet little song by Aaron Watson, and one that I had not heard before.  The dance is

                                                            not hard, but the 2 restarts have put it in the intermediate level…. but it's very achievable


Waltzing The Rainbow Connection 48 counts, Intermediate Level,  Song by Kermit The Frog

                                                            If you like frogs you should like this song……Kermit is a favourite of mine! (-:

                                                            The dance is ok...  See what you think. 

                                                            2 RESTARTS


Mary Did You Know              64 counts, Intermediate Level,  Song by KennyRogers/Wynona Judd

                                                            Thanks to Jo from the USA for sending me the music.  The dance has lots of turns but

 flows well and feels lovely to do.  If you don't like turns see the dance listed in the

easy intermediate section above.



Guardian Angel                                  64 counts, Intermediate Level, Song by Bellamy Brothers and Willy Nelson

                                                            This unusual combination of voices won me… Bellamy Brothers and Willy Nelson. 

                                                            Awesome in a country way!  It's got a very strong beat and is great to dance to.  Check it out.

                                                             2 RESTARTS


Every Second                                     64 counts, Intermediate Level,  Song by Collin Raye

View on utube                                      This is a terrific song and the dance is good too. It can be a bit directional, but that's why

it’s classified  intermediate level.  1 RESTART

                                                            CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS  DANCE ON YOU TUBE


On The Outside                                  32 counts, Intermediate level,  Song by Garth Brooks

                                                            I've been meaning to write to this song since I first heard it…… and now I have. You have

 to try it before you judge it….. but it's not for those folk who like easy dances.



Say You Love Me                              64 counts, 2 walls, Intermediate, 180 bpm, Song by Robert Mizzle



Fancy Free                                         64 counts, 2 walls, 120 bpm,  Intermediate, Song by The Oakridge Boys                                                                                             

This is a nice song to dance to and although I have classified the dance as Intermediate

level, it is still very manageable and most dancers should manage it. This was the

'dance of the day' at the Sunshine Coast workshop.! Great country song and the dance

 is interesting too.  First taught at the Brisbane workshop.

                                                            3 TAGS


Something Tells Me                           64 counts, 2 walls, 120 bpm, Intermediate, Song by Ty Herndon 

(It Must Be Love)                                First taught at the Brisbane workshop and was well received.

                                                            Here's a great country song and a dance that I particularly like!     

                                                            1 RESTART


My Red High Heels                           Country Rock, not my usual style that's for sure but  'Sweet' (See May) gave me a

 taste for it!  Very popular already, check it out.

                                                            2 RESTARTS, 1 TAG


Sweet                                                 64 counts, 2 walls, INTERMEDIATE, 120 bpm, Song by Gwen Stefani

                                                            Written by request for Betty Yule from Geelong in Victoria. Hope you enjoy the challenge Betty.

                                                            If you find it a bit hard then try A Little Bit Sweet in the Easy Intermediate section.

 It's definitely not country music but it does have a terrific beat that really gets you going.



Lipstick Cha                                       64 counts, 2 walls, Intermediate, 120bpm, Song by Rockie Lynn                                                                                                                                                       A great song and the dance will keep you thinking... Especially the hip lift!

                                                            2 TAGS