Note:  Dances marked with an * are unavailable at the moment

They may be available on the Dancing Down Under site.



*Can't Have It All                             cd 2

*Golden Waltz                                   cd 2

*Gummed Up                                     cd 3


' Out

*On The Wall                        cd 6

*Radio Rock                                      cd 5

*Stretchin The Truth            cd 11

*The Big One                                     not on a cd

*The Last Shot                                  cd 8

*Tuned In                                           cd 7

Tartin' Around

12 Step Waltz                                    Dances For Beginners Vol 2

65 Roses                                             cd 8

72 Hours                                             not yet on a cd

A Bit Backward                                 cd 11 

ACCORDION WALTZ                    Tamworth 2009

Adalida Stomp                                    NEW APRIL 09

 A Dance Of Love                             HERVEY BAY WORKSHOP CD

Achievements                                    Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

A Falling Star                         Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

A Few Days Less                               country moon hits disc 1

A Guy's Waltz                                   Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

A Little Bit                                         cd 5

A Little Bit Sweet                             not on a cd

A Little Faith                                     cd 7

A Maverick Memory                 MAY 2013

An Old Flame                   OCT 2013

A Perfect Day In Hervey Bay          cd 19

A Pretty Dance                  Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

A Waltz For Margaret Grace   NEW OCTOBER 2015

Arms Of Luck                   NEW APRIL 09

A Small World                                    not on a cd

A Strait Question                              Tamworth 2006

A Time To Waltz                               on  cd 21        

About Goodbye                 MAY 2014        

Absence                                              cd 17

Adios                                                   cd 12

Affirmative                                        not on a cd

After All                                             cd 7

Again                                                  cd 16

Aiko Shako                       Tamworth

Ain't Misbehavin'             JAN 2014

Alamo Alley                                       Dances For Beginners Vol.2

All Alone                                            cd 7

Always Be                                          NOT ON A CD

An Irish Waltz                                   Dances For Beginners (Bonus Track)

An Old Country Waltz                      Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Angel By Your Side                   by request for Karen Coombes

Angel Of The Boardwalk                  NEW SEPT 08 on Hervey Bay workshop cd

Angelic                                               Tamworth 2007

Angel Lies                                          cd 19

Angel Things                     TAMWORTH WINNER         

Angel Rock                                        cd 4

Animal Instinct                                   Dances For Beginners

Anneke's Waltz                                 cd 1

Annie's Geronimo            APRIL 2014

Another Shot Of Tequila                  Tamworth 2007

Another Sunrise                                 Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Any Ole Time                                    cd 14

A Pretty Dance                                  NEW MAY 08

Arson  (Fire)                                      cd 19  

Ashes To Ashes                                 cd 8

A Tender Night                                  MAY 08

A Woman In Love                             MAY 08

Aussie Antics                                     Dances For Beginners (Bonus Track)

Baby Blue                                           cd 19              

Back And Forward                            not on a cd

Bar Bop                                              cd 14             

Beautiful Lady                                   cd 7

Bed Of Roses                                     not on a cd

Besotted                                             cd 16

Best Friends                                       Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Better Than What                             cd 5

Between Now And Then                   Tamworth 2006                       

BIG  L.O.V.E                                     not on a cd

Bigger Boat                                        not on a cd

Big Red Sun

Big Sky Waltz                   AUG 2013

Billy Boy                                             easy dances 4U Vol. 1   

Bird On A Wire                                 Not On a CD

Black Caviar                     JAN 2014

Blanketed In Love                             cd 16

Blast From The Past                          cd 1

Blood Red                                           cd 5

Blue Babe                                           cd 15

Blue Bones                                         cd 3

Blue Canadian Waltz            NEW APRIL 08

Blue Day                                    Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Blue Heaven                              Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Blue Moon Blues                                cd 11

Blue Kentucky Girl          NEW AUG 2014

Blue Song                                           Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Blue Stars                                 NOT ON A CD

Blue World                                         cd 6

B  'n  B                              NEW JULY 09

Boppin' The Blues                             cd 9 

Border Run                                        Workshop Dances

Borders And Time            JUNE 2014

Born Again                                         Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Bring It On Down                              cd 19  

Broken Bones                                    cd 16

Broken Souvenirs             by request for Viv Sharpe

Buffalo Bill                                         MAY 08

Bump 'n Grind                                   cd 15

But I Do                                     Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

By The Rio Grande'                          cd 16

Bye Bye                                              cd 10

Caffeine And Nicotine                       cd 13

Cajun Hustle                                      Tamworth 2007

Calendar Girl                         Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

California Dreaming                Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Calling Me Home                               cd 7

Candida                                              cd 18                          

Candle Waltz                                     cd 7

Can't Help It                                      Not on a CD

Can't Help Myself                             cd 1

Can't Smile                       MAY 2013

Cassandra                                          cd 10

Cha Cha Bermuda                             cd 9

Cha Cha Blue                                     cd 1

Cha Cha Cha                                      cd 7

Cha Cha Oasis                                   cd 2

Chains Of Gold                                  Tamworth 2007

Champagne No Ice                            Workshop Dances

Changes                                              cd 4

Chanson D' Amour                            cd 15  

Charades                                            cd 17

Charly's Waltz                                   cd 15

Chasin' Rainbows                              cd 19  

Cheatin' Tunes                                  cd 13

Cheyenne                                           cd 17

Chillaxin'                          NEW MAY 2015

Clap n Stomp                                      not on a cd

Clowns n Frowns                                Dances For Beginners Vol.2

C'mon Baby                                       Workshop Dances

C 'n C Waltz                                      not on a cd

Come On Back To Me                      on Hervey Bay workshop cd

Come On Over                                  cd 20              

Coming Again                        Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Coming Or Going                      Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Connections                                       Dances For Beginners

Copacabana                                       cd 20  

Cornered                                            Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Country Life                                      Workshop Dances

Country Music Forever (In Singapore)  NEW JUNE 09

Cowboy Half Up                                not on a cd     

Cowboy's Waltz                                cd 3

Crazy Dreams                                    Tamworth 2006                       

Crossin' The Line                              cd 13

Cruisin' Copperhead Road   MAY 2014

Crushed                                     Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Crystal Blue                      MAY 2013

Crystal Dreams                                  cd 6

Dance                                                 cd 19

Dance From The Heart    FEB 2014                 

Dances ‘n Dimes  (D ‘n’ D)   cd 14

Dancin' Cowboys                               NOT ON A CD

Dancin' On The Roof                        cd 2

Dancing Away                                    cd 7

Dancing In Blue                     Tamworth 2006                        

Dancing In Red                                  cd 9

Dancing In White                               cd 13

Dancing Queen                                  not on a cd

Dancing The Blues                             easy dances 4U Vol. 1

Dancing With Dad                             NOT ON A CD

Dandelion Wine Waltz

Dangerous Myles                               cd 12

Darlene                                               Dances For Beginners

Darlin'                               TAUGHT AT THE URBAN

Decisions                                NEW SEPT 08  on Hervey Bay Workshop cd

Delilah's Waltz                                  Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Departure                                           Dances For Beginners

Departure                                           Dancing With Bill n Jan

Devotion                                             cd 14

Diamonds And Tears                         not on a cd     

Different Song                                   cd 19  

Disguised                                            Tamworth 2006

Distant Drums                           Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Doin' The Dallas                               NEW APRIL 08,

Don't Bring Lulu                                NOT ON A CD

Don't Change                                     cd 15

Don't Let Me Fall                              cd 16

Don't Need Ya!                                  Tamworth 2008,  not on a cd

Don't Stop                                          cd 9

Don't Worry Darlin                           cd 14

Doo Wop                                            Dances For Beginners

Dooley's Dance                                  cd 13.

Doot Doot Doo                                   cd 19  

Dorothea's Dance              for Henrico

Double Shame                                    easy dances 4U Vol. 1     

Down Mexico Way                            cd 20  

Dream Lover                                     Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Dream On                                          cd 9

Dreamin'                                NEW FEB 09

Dreams                                               cd 3

Drinkin' Bone                         Dancing With Bill n Jan

Dunn That                                          Tamworth 2007

Dum Dum                                           Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Easy Coastin'                    APRIL 2014

Easy Waltz Of The Wind                  cd 6

E.G. Orbison                                      not on a cd

Either Side                                         cd 4

El Paso Lady                                      JUNE 08

Entirety                                              cd 5

Eternity                                              cd 5

Even If                                                Dances For Beginners

Everywhere                                       cd 1

Every Night                                        OCT 2013

Every Second                                     Tamworth 2007

Eviction                                              Dances For Beginners

Eviction                                              Dancing With Bill n Jan

 Excuse Me                                        cd 2

Exorcised                                           cd 14

Fancy Free                                         Workshop Dances

Fantasy                                               cd 17

Farewell                                             not yet on a cd

Feelin' Dangerous                              not on a cd

Feelin' Fine                                        Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

 Feelin' Good                                     Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Feelin’ Happy                                    cd 9

Finale                                                  Dances For Beginners

Finale Waltz                                       not on a cd

Five Minute Fix                                  cd 18              

Flat Broke Boogie                             cd 13

Fly Baby Fly                                       Tamworth 2006

Flying High                                         cd 1

Fool Hearted                                      cd 19              

Foolish Games                                   not on a cd

Foolish Heart                                     cd 16  

Fool's Waltz                                       cd 13

Forever An April Fool                       cd 1

Forever Yours                                    Country Moon Hits Disc 1

Forgotten                                           cd 6

For The Last Time (I Told You So)  NEW APRIL 09

Fraulein                                              Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Friendship                                           cd 12

Fussin' n Fightin'                                Dances For Beginners

Getting Lonely                           Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Ghost Of Geronimo                          not on a cd                 

Gimme More                                      Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Glitter Girl                                         cd 20                          

Gluttony                                             Dances For Beginners

Going Down                                       cd 5

Going Up                                            cd 13

Gone Again                                       Tamworth 2006

Good Friends                                     easy dances 4U Vol. 1           

Good Lookin                                     Dances For Beginners

Gotcha                                                cd 4

Grand Words                                     Workshop Dances

Gringo Lingo                                      cd 17

Guardian Angel                                 Tamworth 2007

Halfway                                              Tamworth 2006         

Half A Nip Of Baileys                         NEW APRIL 08

Half Way House               tamworth

Halo                                                    Tamworth 2006         

Hampster's Dance                             cd 7

Happy Dance                    WON DANCE OF THE YEAR 2012

Have You Been Told                        cd 20  

Have You Ever                          MAY 2013

Heart Broke                                       cd 5

Heart On Loan                          NEW JULY 2014

Heart Over Mind                               cd 19  

Heart Shaped Waltz                          cd 20  

Heartaches                                         cd 16

Heart Block                                       not currently on a cd

Heartless                                            cd 5

Heavenly                                            Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Heavenly Plus                                    June 08

Heavenly Bodies                                cd 10

 Heavenly Waltz                                cd 2

Help Me Cha Cha                              cd 15

HERE AND NOW                             Tamworth 2009

Hey Carrie Anne              MARCH 2013

Hey Hoalina                                       Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Hi Lo                                                  Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

High On The Mountain                     cd 17

Hillbilly Waltz                                   cd 11          

Hokus Pokus                                      cd 8

Holdin' Hands                                    cd 14

Homely Heart                                    Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Hometown Earthquake    TAMWORTH WINNER

Honky Tonk Merry Go Round         Tamworth 2007

Hooked                                               cd 6

Hot ‘n Cold                                        Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Hot To Trot                                       cd 9 

I Could But                                         Taught at NZ Oct 08

I.C.U.                                     revised Tamworth 09

I Don't Care                                       cd 5

I Need A Woman              by request for Rachel Lardy France

I Think I Do                                        easy dances 4U Vol. 1

If Ever                                                cd 17

I Just Called To Say                          Tamworth 2006

I JUST DO                                         Tamworth 2009

I'll Be Loving You            JAN 2013

I'm Back                                             cd 19                                      

In My Heart                                       cd 3

In My Shirt                                         NEW SEPT 08 on Hervey Bay Workshop cd

In The Doghouse                                cd 8

In The Mood - For Dancing               cd 16

In The Wine                      Tamworth

Independent Heart                            easy dances 4U Vol. 1

Indian Summer                                   cd 19                          

Indian Wedding Dance              Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Indigo                                                 Tamworth 2006                                                           

Insatiable                                            Dancing With Bill n Jan

Insomnia                                             cd 20

Intensity                                             cd 11

Importance                        1st place at Tamworth

Itchy Feet                                           cd 12

Invisibility                                           Dancing With Bill n Jan

Jailhouse Blues                                  cd 17

Janine                                                 NOT ON A CD

Jamaica                                              Easy Dances 4U Vol.3  

Jamaican Dreams                              Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Jamestown                                         NOT ON A CD

Jealous Heart                            Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Jig A Jig                                             cd 8

Johnny's Gone                                   not on a cd

Joel's Creed                                       not on a cd

Jukebox Memory                               cd 5

Julie                                                    Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Just Asking                                        Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Just Call Me                                       cd 3

Just Dancing                                      not on cd

Just Foolin'                                         easy dances 4U Vol. 1

Just Friends                                        cd 3

Just Got Started                                NEW APRIL 08

Just Magic                                          cd 8

Just One                                             cd 13

Just One More Waltz                       Workshop Dances   

Just The Guy                                     NEW SEPT 08  on Hervey Bay Workshop cd

Just Walking                                      cd 3

Just Waltz                         AUG 2013

Just Waltz Too                          AUG 2013

Kalua                                                  cd 14

Kentucky Moon Blues      MAY 2014

 King Of Fools                                    Workshop Dances

Kissed                                                 cd 20                          

Knock Knock                         cd 9

 Knocked Off                                     cd 3

Kookaburra Blues                              cd 18              

La What?                                           Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Laid Back                                           not on a cd

Last Nights Waltz                             cd 8 

Learner's Waltz                                cd 10

Leave The Lights On                        Workshop Dances

Let Down                                           cd 11  

Let It Be                                             cd 1

Let Me Down Easy           NEW JULY 2014

Lets Begin The Beguine                    NOT ON A CD

LIFE'S GAMBLE                             cd 11  

Lipstick Cha                                       Workshop Dances    

Little Repose Waltz                          Music on cd 10

Little Tango Cha                               NEW NOV 08

Live And Learn                                 cd 4

Lonely Lady                                       cd 7

Lonely Lady                      a great song by Bourke

Lonely Waltz                                                 cd 6

Lonesome                                           Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Long Live Love                                 cd 4

Looks Like Love                               cd 13

Look Up                                             NOT ON A CD

Lost And Found                                 cd 15  

Lost At Heart                                               Tamworth 2006

Lost In The Waltz                             cd 12

 Louisiana                                  Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Love At First Waltz                     Dances For Beginners Vol 2                               

Love Is                                               cd 14

Love Sounds                     APRIL 2013

Love Script                       JAN 2013

Love Tales                                         cd 18                          

Love That Mambo                             Tamworth 2006            

Lovely, Lovely                                   cd 16

Lover Come Out                               cd 9

Lover's Chain                             Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Love's Shadow                                   Tamworth 2007

Loving Words                        Dances For Beginners

Lovin' Again                                      Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Loving You                                         Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Lovin You Lovin Me         NEW June 09

Luckenbach                                        not on a cd

Luvit!                                JAN 2013

Luv Me Luv Me                                 Tamworth 2006                     

Luv Me Luv Me                                 NOT ON A CD

Made In Japan                                   Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Magic Moments                                 Easy Dances 4U Vol.

Mama's Waltz                                   cd 12

Mamma Mia                                       not on a cd

Manado Waltz

Manly Moves                                    cd 14

Maria Magdalena             Tamworth

Mary Did You Know                          Tamworth 2007

Mary Did You Know (no turns)        Tamworth 2007

Matilda Blue                                      not on a cd

Maybe Mexico                                   cd 8   

Maybe Moments                                cd 13

M.C.D. (Mad Cowboy Disease)        April 08

Mean Machine                                   cd 11              

Memories Of You                              cd 19  

Mercedes Blue                                   cd 4

Mexacali Heartache                          cd 7

Mexican E Mail                                 cd 16    

Mexican Girl                                      cd 20              

Mexican Horse                                  cd 1

Mexican Mail                                     cd 16

Mexican Move                                   cd 4

Mind Games                                       cd 9

Mississippi                        Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Misty moonlight                                 not on a cd

Misty River Cha                                on CD 4

Moana                                                Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Mockingbird Waltz                            cd 12

Moody Blue                                        cd 20              

Moon Man                                          cd 10

Moon Rise                                          cd 15  

Moonlight & Roses                            cd 20  

Moonshadow                                      NEW APRIL 09        

More Connections                             Dances For Beginners

My Hero Waltz                          JAN 2014

My Mother                        SONG BY THE BORDERERS

More Loving Words                          Dances For Beginners

Movin' Out                                         cd 10

Musical Memory                                cd 1

My Kind                                              easy dances 4U Vol. 1

My Lady Blue                   not easy, but lovely                 

My Last Tear                                     Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

My Number One                                cd 18

My Way Or No Way                         cd 9

Myles From Town                              cd 1

Mystery Girl                                      Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

My Red High Heels                           not on a cd

My Valentines Waltz        by request for Dave Sheriff

MY WOMAN'S WALTZ                  Tamworth 2009

Needs Of The Night                          Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3


Never Again                                       cd 10

Never Ending                             Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Never Ever                                        cd 1

Never Too Old                                   cd 9

New Waltz Old Flame                       cd 20  

Nickelodeon                                       MAY 08

Night And Day                                   cd 15  

 Night Riders Waltz                           Tamworth 2007

Night Song                                          cd 4

No Bed Of Roses                               Tamworth 2007

No Escape                                          Tamworth 2006                                                         

No More Blue                                    cd 10

No More                                             Dances For Beginners

No Worries                                         cd 3

Nocturnal                                           cd 12

Not Divine Intervention                    country moon hits disc 1

Not Divine Intervention                    Dances For Beginners

Not Taken                                          cd 19                                                                                                              

Nothing New                                      Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Now                                                    NEW DANCE FEB 08

Now THAT'S Amore                   Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4         

Nowhere Train                                   not on a cd

Obsessed                                            Dances For Beginners Vol.2  

October Winds                                   Tamworth 2008, Taught by Liz Heath

Contact Jan  if you have trouble finding the

 music for this dance.  Email Jan

Oh Me Oh My                                   Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Oklahoma Breeze                             MAY 08

Ol' Lonesome Me                              easy dances 4U Vol. 1 

Old Bridges                                       NEW SEPT 08  on Hervey Bay workshop cd

Old Faithful's Waltz                          NOT ON A CD

Old Fashioned Love                          CLOG DANCE

Old Love Letters                               cd 20              

Old Love                                            cd 17

Old Shanghai                                      cd 18              

Olivia's Waltz                                    not on a cd

On Blue Bayou                  APRIL 2013

On My Mind                                       cd 2

On The Bright Side                           not on a cd

On The Inside                                    cd 2

On The Outside                                 Tamworth 2007

On The Wings Of A Honky Tonk Angel  cd 14

On Top Of The World                       cd 9

Once Bitten                                        cd 18                          

One And Only One                            cd 2

One More Heartache                        not on a cd

Only When I Cry                               JULY 09

Ooby Dooby                                       cd 15

Open Season                                      cd 18  

Open Up                                             Tamworth 2007                                 

Operator                                             Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Over And Over                                  cd 14        

Over Heated                                      not on a cd

Overdrive                                           Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Oz                                              Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

P.O.Q.                                                            Dances For Beginners

Paint Me                                             cd 20                          

Papa Bear's Bed                                cd 2

Paper Words                                      cd 13

Pascoe Blue                                        Tamworth 2008,  Not on a cd - contact Jan if you can't find the music

Pearls                                                 cd 8  

Peppy Toe                                          MARCH 09

Perfect Day                                        cd 19  

Perfect Silence                              cd 11             

Pick a Pocket                                     cd 5

 Pizzi's Dance                                                cd 1

Pop It                                                  cd 3

Por Favor                                           not on a cd

Possession                                          Dancing With Bill n Jan

Pretender                                           cd 19              

Pretty Woman                                   cd 6

Put Another Log On The Fire          CLOG DANCE

Quit It                                                 Workshop Dances

  Radio Rock                                      cd 5

Raging Fire                                        cd 11                      

Rainbow Road                                    cd 6

Rainbow's End                                   cd 1

Razzle Dazzle Rock                          cd 11  

Reach Out                                          Dancing With Bill n Jan 

Red n Blue                                          Tamworth 2006

Red Moon Waltz                               cd 1

Reelin'                                                not on a cd

Reelin' With Feelin'                          cd 17  

REMAIN SILENT                             Tamworth 2009

Rendezvous                                        cd 4

Repetition Waltz                               cd 12

Repose Waltz                                    cd 10

Return To Me                                    cd 10

Ridgy Didge                                       Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Ring Me                                              not on a cd

Roads                                                  cd 8

Rock 'n Roll Kiss                               cd 8

Rockin' The Cart                               cd 5

Rockin' The Mockin' Bird                cd 12

Rockin' The Mona                             cd 18

Rockin' The Rythmn                         Tamworth 2007                                 

Rodeo Queen                                                 cd 3

Rodeo Waltz                                      Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Rodeo's Rose                                     cd 2

Rose Coloured Glasses                     cd 8

Rose Is Blue                                       cd 2

Rose Of Hearts Waltz (In Memory Of)                  Workshop Dances and cd 2

Roses For A Cowboy                         easy dances 4U Vol. 1

Rosie's Waltz                                     cd 16  

Round One                                         cd 17

Rub It In                                             Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Ruby Red Lips                                   easy dances 4U Vol. 1   

Ruby Rock                                         Dances For Beginners

R U Waltzing                                     Tamworth 2007

S 'N S                                                  cd 19

Saddle Sore                                        cd 15

Sailor’s Serenade                              cd 11

San Antonio Waltz                            cd 19 

Saturday's Waltz                               cd 5

Saying Something Stupid                   cd 6

Say You Love Me                              Workshop Dances    

Sea Wolves                                       The music is on cd  11 for the dance Talk To The Sea

Seasons                                               cd 16

Second Love                                      cd 4                                       

Second Thoughts                               cd 1

Secondhand Heart                             cd 13

See Ya                                                            cd 16

Selective Hearing                              NEW APRIL 09

Seminole Wind                                   taught in NZ Oct 08

Senses                                                             cd 3

Separation Blues                                cd 12

Sevens                                                easy dances 4U Vol. 1                    

Sexy Bum                                          cd18

Shameful                                            cd 14

She Don't Know                                 Tamworth 2007

She's A Fireball

Shining Waltz                         Workshop Dances

SHOVELLIN' SUNSHINE               Tamworth 2009

Sidesteppin'                                        cd 13

Sightseeing                                         cd 12

Silver Moments                         a beautiful song

Silver Wings                                       not on a cd

Simplicity                                            cd 3

Singaporean Beer                              not on a cd

Sinners Strut                                      cd 6

Skinny Girls                                     not yet on cd   

Skinny Girls                                       cd 18  

Skippin'                                              Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Slippin' Around                                  cd 4

Snatched                                             Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Snigger                                               Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Somebody's Cha Cha                        Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Someday                                             Tamworth 2006 

Somebody's Waltz                             Workshop Dances

Someone                                             Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Something Stupid                              REVISED SEPT 08  on Hervey Bay workshop cd 

Something Tells Me                           Workshop Dances

Somewhere                                        cd 5

Song Of Dixie                                    cd 6

 South Of The Border               NEW MAY 2015

Sparkles                                             cd 9

Starry                                                cd 11

Staying In Love                                 Tamworth 2007                        

Stay Gone                                          cd 14

Staying Home                                    cd 3

Straight Tequila                                 cd 15

Strait Dancing                                    cd 2                   

Strait Exit                                          cd 18                                      

Strange Love                                                 cd 12

Strangle Hold                                     cd 2

Strollin' Along                                    Tamworth 2008, not on a cd

Stumblin' In                                        cd 14    

Summer  Storm                                  not on a cd

Sun Arise                                            MAY 08

Sunset Blues                                       cd 4

Sunshine And Summertime               cd 19  

Sunshine Cha Cha                              Dances For Beginners

Sunshine                                             cd 9

Sunsong                                              cd 18                          

Suspicion                                            cd 19              

Sway Easy                                          cd 17

Sway                                                   cd 17

Sweet                                                  Workshop Dances

Sweet Lips                                         cd 19              

Sweet Mama's Waltz                                    cd 17

Taggin’ Along                                    cd 11              

Talk To Me                                        cd 15  

Talk To The Sea                                cd 11           

Talkin' Dirty                                      cd 7 

Talking Tequila                                  cd 17

Tartin' Around                          AUGUST 09

Tattoo Waltz                                     NEW SEPT 08   on Hervey Bay workshop cd

Tears Of Joy                                      Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Teaser                                                            Workshop Dances

Telling Lies                                        cd 15       

Ten Out Of Ten                                 not on a cd

"Ten" The Waltz                              Tamworth 2007

That Kind of Man                              cd 2

That Night In Mexico       JAN 2013

The Airport Flyer                              cd 10

The Arms Of Love                            cd 8  

The Ballroom Waltz                          cd 2

 The Bob                                             Tamworth 2006

The Best Love                                   NEW APRIL 09            

The Born Loser                                 easy dances 4U Vol. 1

The Country Cottage                        cd 20  

The Cowboy Beat                              NOT ON A CD

    The Cowgirls Waltz                         Tamworth 2006         

The Cure                                            cd 12  

The End                                              cd 6

The Feelin'                                         Dances For Beginners

The Forgotten Waltz                         cd 4

The Island                                          Not on a cd

The Jug                                              cd 9

The Lesson                                         Workshop Dances

The Longest Time                             Tamworth 2006

The Longyard                                    Tamworth 2007                     

The Moon Walk                                 cd 18  

The Morning Waltz                           not on a cd

The Next Teardrop                           not on a cd  

The Orchid                                         cd 3

The Rock Man                                   cd 10

The Sad Side                                      cd 6

The Scottish Waltz                            cd 19

The Second Best Love                      APRIL 09

The Speedy Dove                              Tamworth 2006    

The Surprise                                      cd
The Swingin' Chair                            cd 18              

The Three R's                                    cd 16  

The Waikato Waltz                          cd 10

The Waltz                                          cd 6

The Wilbury Twist                             Dances For Beginners

The Wild Side                        cd 11

These Walkin' Shoes                         NEW OCTOBER 2015

Think It Over                    MAY 2013

This Is Our Waltz             TAMWORTH WINNER

There He Goes                                  MARCH 09          

Three A.M.                                        not on a cd

Tipperary Girl                  FEB 2014

Til It Aint Anymore          APRIL 2014

Three's A Crowd                               cd 10

Tijuana Waltz                                    easy dances 4U Vol. 1        

'Til I Stop Dancing                             cd 18  

'Til It Aint Anymore    VIDEO

Time For A Change                           Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Today's Waltz                                   cd 14

To Die For                                          MARCH 09

Tomorrow                                          Workshop Dances

Tomorrow's Question                       cd 10

Too Late Mate                                  cd 17

Too Much For Me                              MAY 08

Toreador                                            not on a cd

Transformation                                  cd 4

Transported                                       cd 15

Trashy Tricks                        Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

Triple Blue                                        cd18

True Blue                                           cd 4

Tulsa Time                                         cd 15  

Tulsa Weave                                      Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Turn 'Em Down                                 not on a cd

Twenty Questions                             cd 17

Two Minute Waltz                            cd 18  

Two Steppin' Love                            Tamworth 2007         

Two Steppin' The Blues             Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Two Strong Hearts                            cd 20

Urban Stars                      SEPT 2013                                

U.T.I                                                   cd 20                          

U.T.I.                                                  NOT ON A CD

Ulterior Motive                                  cd 16

Unaffected                                         cd 4

Unarmed                                             cd 2

Unchangeable                                    cd 20  

Undecided                                          Tamworth 2007         

Undermine                                          cd 13

 Undying Love                                    cd 13

Unmendable                                       cd 1

Unspoken                                           cd 1

Unwound                                            cd 5

Up The Creek                                    easy dances 4U Vol. 1  

Ups And Downs                                  cd 10

Urban Lifestyle                                  NOT ON A CD

Veracity                                             cd 4

Visions Of You                                   easy dances 4U Vol. 1

Wah Oooh                                          not on a cd

     Walk With Me                                 Tamworth 2006     

Walkin' A Mile                                  Dances For Beginners Vol.2

Walking Shoes                                   cd 7

Walkin' The Honky Tonk                 NEW NOV 08

Waltz Of Farewell                             cd1 17

Waltz Of Farewell                             Not currently available on a cd

Waltz Of More Tears                       Dances For Beginners

Waltz Of Regret                               cd 7

Waltz Of Tears                                 Dances For Beginners

Waltz Of The New Moon                 Not on a cd

Waltz Of The Wind                           cd 5

Waltz Of Three El's                              Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Waltz Of Woe                                   Dances For Beginners Vol.2                                                            

Waltzin'  Bojangles                           cd 18              

Waltzin' Real Fast                             not on a cd

 Waltzing A Daisy A Day                  Tamworth 2006                     

Waltzing In Contra                            cd 16

Waltzing Maria                                  not yet on a cd

Waltzing On Forever                        not on a cd

Waltzing Out Of Reach              Easy Dances 4 U Vol. 4

Waltzing The Hard Way  JAN 2013

Waltzing The Wild Irish Rose          cd 20

Waltzing The Rainbow Connection  Tamworth 2007

Waltzing You Home          for Henrico

Waltzin' With Crazy Blue Eyes       NEW APRIL 09

Waltzin' With Crazy Blue Eyes Easy Version  NEW APRIL 09

Waltz With You                        REVISED NOV 2015

Waltzing With You                            not on a cd

Warm Red Wine                                Easy Dances 4U Vol. 3

Waterloo                                            not on a cd

We Are Australian                            not on a cd.

We Remember                                   country moon hits disc 1

We Remember                                   not on a cd.

Welfare Line                                      NEW MAY 08

What A Bummer              APRIL 2014

What A Waste                                   Easy Dances 4U Vol 2

What Do You Know                           cd 6

What If We Waltz            song by Vince Gill

What You Need                                 cd 8

What's Mine Is Yours      TAMWORTH

Wheels 'N Roses                                cd 16  

When                                                  NEW MAY 08  on Hervey Bay workshop cd

When The Time Is Right  MARCH 2013

When Tomorrow Comes                   July 09

Where Ever                                       Tamworth 2006         

Whisky Widow                                   cd 5

Whispering Waltz                              not on a cd

Whistling In The Wind                      cd 3

Who The Hell?                          NEW MAY 2015

Whoosh                                               Dancing With Bill n Jan

Who's Counting                                 cd 17

Why Did You Have To Go Away  OCT 2013

Wide Open                                         cd 18

Wild Horses                                       Tamworth 2008, not on a cd                                                

Wined Up                                           cd 5

Winter Winds                    in memory of slim dusty

Wingin' It                                           cd 12

Wings Of The Wind                           cd18

Wired                                                  cd 20                                      

Wishes                                                cd 8

Without You                                       cd 20

Without Wings                                   NEW 2008

WOMAN TO WOMAN                    Tamworth 2009                                 

Yes                                                      cd 20

Yesterday Once More                       not on a cd     

You Belong With Me                         NEW MAY 09                                   

You Lied                                             cd 19

You're My First                JUNE 2013

You're The Reason                            changed to 2 walls APRIL 09                        

You've Got It                                     Tamworth 2006