BEGINNER LEVEL  -  Learning To Waltz

12 Step Waltz              Hank Thompson                         Shenandoah Waltz


Love At First Waltz      Newfoundland Waltz                  Eddie Coffey


Waltz Of Woe              Travis Tritt                             Here's A Quarter           


Undying Love   24 counts,        2 walls,             Beginner Waltz with a difference 




Waltz With You                                    48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate, 108 bpm, Song by Teddy Thompson

                                                            I wrote this dance as an easy alternative to Terry Hogan’s ‘All I Want’.

                                                            Although easy, this dance still has a bit of a challenge about it and is not intended

                                                            as a  beginner dance.  I have typed the lyrics of the        song below so you can sing

                                                            along as you dance.. Just sing ‘all I want to do is waltz with you’ instead of  singing

                                                            ‘all I want to do is live with you’.  It’s such a beautiful song!

                                                            2 EASY RESTARTS



Blue Canadian Waltz                            48 counts, 2 walls, VERY EASY, 128 bpm, Song by Sweethearts Of The Rodeo

                                                            I have written the dance for our Improver level dancers and have a

                                                          feeling that this  level waltz to this old song may appeal to lots more

                                                            people out there…. Hope  you enjoy them both!

                                                            1 RESTART


Just One More Waltz                            48 counts, 2 walls,  Easy Intermediate, 144bpm, Song by Johnny Rodriquez…



A Guy's Waltz                                      48 counts, 2 walls, 160 bpm, Easy Intermediate, Song by Brad Paisley

                                                            This dance was an impromptu effort during my New Zealand Workshop Tour in

                                                            October 2007.  Joy Murdoch from Balclutha in the South Island gave me the

                                                          music on the Friday night and I taught the dance next day at her workshop.

                                                            Congratulations to our Aussie group who quickly learned the dance in their motel

                                                            room so that they could demonstrate it before I taught it…thanks ladies!

                                                            It's quite a pacey little waltz but is still very manageable so have a go!



Champagne No Ice                              48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate Waltz, 128 bpm, Song by Elton John

featuring Tammy Wynette.        Written in response to a request for an easier dance

 to this lovely song because many people can’t handle the harder dance by M V Lobos

 called  Champagne On Ice. This dance is called Champagne, No Ice! Looking at the

step sheet this dance may seem harder than it really is. The Monterey turn is unusual

 in a waltz but it’s easy and feels nice to do…. So have a go!


Night Rider's Waltz                               48 counts, Upper Level Of Easy Int Waltz,  Song by Nanci Griffith

                                                            This is a very nice song which feels  lovely to dance to. I enjoy it anyhow, hope you do too.

                                                            1 Repetitive tag


Little Repose Waltz                              48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int. Waltz,  Song by Kenny Rogers     

                                                            This is the easy version of Repose Waltz which was so popular a few years ago.

                                                            It was written in response to a request for an easier waltz to this music.  Nice.

Somebody's Waltz                                48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Intermediate, Song by Scooter Lee  


                                                            This dance was choreographed for Debbie Guy from Toowoomba, for her 40th birthday,

 by request from her students who love her and appreciate the time she spends with them.

 It is just a beautiful song and the dance is lovely to do.  You'll like it I'm sure!

                                                            NO TAGS/RESTARTS

     (In Memory Of)

Rose Of Hearts Waltz                           48 counts, 2 walls, 112 bpm, Easy Intermediate  Song by Johnny Rodriquez

                                                            The original Rose of Hearts Waltz was my first attempt at line dance choreography.

                                                            I wrote it for Anneke and it won quite a few competitions back then. However, in  retrospect,

                                                             it was the worst piece of choreography imaginable.  I thought it time to right the wrong, so

                                                             here is  version 2, still simple and still retaining most of the steps from the first attempt...which

                                                             by the way was about 12 years ago now….. My how the time flies as the years roll on! 

                                                            Anneke died of a brain tumour in March 1999 but she will always live on in my heart.

                                                            The original dance was done to the version of the song by Hugh Moffatt but these days I prefer

                                                            this version by Johnny Rodriquez. It is also sung by  Foster & Allen,Johnny Cash (faster),

                                                             Paul McCloud and several  others, so you just take your pick!


Shining Waltz                                        48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int.  96 bpm Song by Doug Stone

                                                            The dancers at my Sunshine Coast workshop demo'd this dance for my benefit because

                                                             although I wrote it, I had actually never seen it done… and I liked it a lot! 



Waltz Of Farewell                                48 counts, 2 Walls, ONE RESTART.

                                                            This is a beautiful song by Daniel O’Donnell – the dance is nice too!


Waltz Of Three Els                               48 counts, 2 walls, 132 bpm, One Tag. We are waltzing to Bobby Bare in this dance.


Waltzing Out Of Reach             48 counts, 2 walls, 120 bpm, No Tags Or Restarts in this little waltz,The song is by David Ball



Two Minute Waltz                                48 counts, 2 walls, Easy Int Waltz,  Choreo by Bill Bader & Jan Wyllie, song by Vince Gill

R U Waltzing                             48 counts, Easy Intermediate Waltz,  Song by Robert Mizzell

                                                             A nice little waltz which features a hook half  tur nto keep your mind on the job.

                                                            NO TAGS OR RESTARTS


An Irish Waltz                                      This waltz was a big hit at Tamworth in January 2004 and was ultimately done all over the world.                                                                                                     It’s Easy Intermediate, has stomps and claps and is very ‘Irish’.

                                                            NOMINATED FOR DANCE OF THE YEAR AT TAMWORTH 2008  (RUNNER UP)


Bird On A Wire                                                            48 counts, 2 walls,  Easy Intermediate Waltz, Song by Jimmy Barnes and Troy Cassar Daley                                                  THIS IS A VERY POPULAR DANCE  NO TAGS OR RESTARTS 

Waltz Of Regret -                                   VERY POPULAR AND LOVELY TO DO


Delilah's Waltz                                      48 COUNTS AND GOOD FUN!


 Rosie's Waltz                                      Jim Reeves sings sweet little songs and although he has been in heaven for a

long time, many ,many people remain devoted fans... including me.

This is an easy waltz to his song Rosa Rio, but I hope it still  feels interesting,



Easy Waltz Of The Wind                      EASY INTERMEDIATE


New Waltz Old Flame              48 counts,2 walls, 112 bpm,     Easy Intermediate, Song by Anne Murray        

                                                            DIFFERENT AND LOVELY TO DO. VERY POPULAR


That's Irish                                            An easier waltz to the same music as ‘An Irish Waltz’, for those folk who can’t quite manage the next level yet.


Lonely Waltz                                        Easy Int. Level                                            TAMWORTH WINNER 2001


Today's Waltz                                      Intermediate                48 counts


Whispering Waltz                                 Easy Intermediate,      48 counts, 2 walls           song by Daniel O’Donnell and Mary Duff..


C 'n C Waltz                                        48 counts,                     2 walls, ,          Easy Intermediate                     song by Craig Morgan.

Old Faithful's Waltz  taught in NZ          48 counts,                    2 walls,            Easy Int                                    song by Topp Twins from NZ 


Waltzing With You                               48 counts,                    2 walls,             Easy Intermediate Level            song by Louise Morrissey

FINALE WALTZ                                48 counts                     2 walls Easy Intermediate level.           song by Englebert Humperdinck,


The Cowgirl's Waltz                             48 counts,                    2 walls,             Intermediate Level Waltz,         Song by  Joni Harms      


Waltzin' A Daisy A Day

The Scottish Waltz                                 48 counts,                   2 walls,             Easy Intermediate Level            song by Carlene Carter


Mockingbird Waltz                               An Easy intermediate waltz to a ‘golden oldie’ song.


Adios                                                   An easy Intermediate waltz – in memory of Gail of Gisborne N.Z.


 Heavenly Waltz                                   Easy Int





Second Love                                        Int/Adv               TAMWORTH WINNER 2001   


Anneke's Waltz                                    WRITTEN IN MEMORY OF MY BELOVED ANNEKE WHO DIED FROM A BRAIN TUMOUR IN MARCH 1999


Waltz Of The Wind                               TAMWORTH winner 2001     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbYp8ZdF5vA 


Rodeo's Rose                                        Int/Adv  VERY POPULAR


The Waltz                                             Intermediate Level         TAMWORTH WINNER 2001


Repose Waltz                                      2nd Place in Advanced Waltz Tamworth 2002   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSADs7CcXmM 


Olivia's Waltz                           Int waltz – nice


The Morning Waltz                               Advanced


One More Heartache                            Int


Repetition Waltz                                   Upper Int. Level, to a nice Alan Jackson song


Lost In The Waltz                                 Upper Int. Level, but only 48 counts!                 WON ADVANCED WALTZ TAMWORTH 2003


Waltzin'  Bojangles                               84 repetitive counts,      2 walls,            Intermediate Waltz,                   song by Conway Twitty


Heart Shaped Waltz                             48 counts                     2 walls              Intermediate Level                    song by Joni Harms 


Waltzing The Wild Irish Rose                48 counts                    2 walls              Easyish Intermediate                 song by Slim Whitman


San Antonio Waltz                                 57 counts,                   2 walls, Intermediate Level                    song by Rick Trevino


Saturday's Waltz                                   Late Intermediate Level 


Sweet Mama's Waltz                            78 counts,                    SINGLE WALL, Intermediate,                         song by Roy Orbison


Rodeo Waltz                                        48 count waltz,             2 walls,             Easy Intermediate level song by Mark Chesnutt          


Waltzing Maria                         60 counts,                    4 walls,             Intermediate Level,                   song by BNZ

                                                            Written for Josie Jannsen from NZ.  Postscript: Josie died on 3rd March 2004.


Waltzing In Contra                                This is a 2 wall contra circle waltz but it can also be done as an ordinary 2 wall

waltz. It’s more of a challenge as a circle contra dance.


Waltzin' Real Fast                                 57 counts,        2 walls, Intermediate level                      song by Charlie Landsborough


Charly's Waltz                                      48 counts         2 walls, Intermediate level                      song by Charly McClain.  


Fool's Waltz                                         48 counts,        Intermediate level, George Strait at his best.   WON INT. WALTZ TAMWORTH 2003


Looks Like Love                                  48 counts,        4 walls Intermediate                             song by George Strait 



Mama's Waltz -                                    Lacy J Dalton sings this – and it’s lovely!  Int. level      2ND INT.WALTZ TAMWORTH 2003


HILLBILLY WALTZ                          Easy Int.  Jim Reeves songs are eternal


Rose Coloured Glasses             Intermediate Level  -    LOVELY WALTZ 


The Waikato Waltz                               Intermediate Level (March 2002) NOT HARD, FEELS GOOD TO DO     

Won the CWDI Choreography Competition in Tauranga, New Zealand on 4th May 2002


Cassandra                                            Intermediate Waltz -  This song is sung by John Denver’s Australian wife Cassandra


Candle Waltz                                        Easy Intermediate


Last Nights Waltz                                 Int. Level.              TAMWORTH 2002 WINNER, 3RD PLACE


The Forgotten Waltz                             Int  Level  


Cowboy's Waltz                                   Int.                   FAST                             WON TERRY HOGAN'S CHOREO COMP IN 1998


Waltzing On Forever                            Int Level.- Anne Murray song (lovely)