Pitcairn Islands Study Group

Founded 1973

Introduction to the Cumulative Index of Articles published in "The Pitcairn Log"


The Pitcairn Islands Study Group Newsletter appeared on the philatelic scene in September 1973 and has continued in unbroken series as the quarterly journal of the group. For the sixth issue, dated December 1974, the name was changed to The Pitcairn Log. Various supplements have been issued during the course of publication, consisting primarily of membership directories and auction listings. They are not titled as supplements, and for the most part merely traveled through the mails under the journal's aegis. Therefore, no attempt has been made to identify them or assign them to individual numbers of the journal. This index was created by PISG Vice President Dr. Vernon Kisling, Jr. in conjunction with a project to digitize all issues of the Log through October 2011. These issues are now available on DVD. Even though the current index does not display the articles themselves, it is still useful for those users who may already possess the original publications. Those who do not may simply purchase the DVD, which comes with dedicated search software allowing the retrieval and display of any article published in the Log through the use of a similar index.

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