Ohio - Brisbane - 18 to 24 October 2008

On October 18, Dad and I had dinner with (from left to right) Dad, Aunt Elizabeth, Me (standing up), Cousin Paul, Cousin Mark, Corinne, Chris, Joshua and Cousin Mark.

On the next day, we made our way to the final place I really wanted to visit, the house we were living in when I was born. (41 4'49.95"N, 8128'0.89"W)

The house is now 2 apartments. One upstairs and the other downstairs. A comparison of an old photo from 1967 and this photo shows a few changes over the years.

As we were leaving this 'Ol House, Dad mentioned that he wondered if our old nanny still lived in the area. So we walked up the street beside the house and Dad looked at the houses trying to remember which house was Janice's. While he went up and asked at one house, I took the opportunity to get a couple of pictures of the beautiful colours of the leaves on the trees.

And the fallen leaves on the ground.

Anyway, Dad asked at one house and the lady must have thought we were nuts. Asking about a lady who lived in the area 38 years ago! Come on. But she said that she did not know, however, the lady in that house (pointing to a house across the road) has lived there for about 50 years and she might know. So we went and asked the lady. Yes, she remembers the lady we were looking for. "Janice is married now but her mother still lives in that house (pointing to a house 2 doors down from the one we went to first)". So we headed over. Nobody was home at the time, but we had the address and last name now. So we looked up the address and name on the American White Pages. Yep, thee they were. Dad called the number and spoke to Janice's Mom. She remembered us from all that time ago and gave us Janice's home number. So we called and had a chat to Janice, our old nanny from the late 1960's. How cool is that? We did not get a chance to visit Janice as we were leaving for Cleveland the next day to catch our plane to Detroit, then to Japan and then home. But, now I have Janice's email address and we keep in touch.

Then we came home. Tired from 3 weeks living in a motel, a drained credit card, but excited about our new memories and rekindled relationships.


To my cousins, Paul, Mark and Mike, their families in Ohio. To Ruth, Lisa, Laurie, Bobby and Vicki in Ohio. To Tina, Chris and their family in Florida. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your welcome hospitality while my Dad and I visited our home town. It was great to meet the relatives I have no memory of from my childhood days.  Family is family, let us never lose contact again.

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