My USA Holiday, 2 to 24 October 2008.

It was about time.. Time I spent the money and went to visit the relatives I have never met, or were too young to remember. Dad and I had been discussing this trip for about 18 months. What did we want to do over there, who would we see, where would we go. MANY questions. The 3 main objectives I had, were to visit "the rellies", go to New York to visit Kealani and Daniel and go to Florida to meet my mate Rick, meet Tina and her family.. Oh, and visit NASA if I got a chance ("IF" I had a chance??) So, in May 2008, Dad and I went to Flight Centre at Logan Hyperdome and booked and paid for the airfares. About AU$2800 all up. This included the following:

Instead of creating 1 long page with all the details and photos, I am going to break it into 3 pages.

WARNING!! These pages are large and WILL take some time to load...


Brisbane to Ohio - 2 Oct to 11 Oct

Florida and NASA - 12 Oct to 17 Oct

Ohio to Brisbane - 18 to 24 Oct

NB: For those who wish to see where I am talking about, I will add the Google Earth coordinates in brackets.


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