jobbo's  Quambatook Tractor Pull Accommodation guide  

Quambatook Victoria Australia

                                           The centre of Tractor Pulling in Australia


Quambatook Caravan Park  contact: Jackie 0428 857122

Quambatook Hotel  03 54571206


Kerang                 Situated 40 km East of Quambatook


Ibis Caravan Park: Murray Valley Highway: Kerang  PHONE NO: 03-54522232

Downtown Motor Inn Motel Hotel: 77 Wellington Street: Kerang Ph 03-54521911

   Kerang Tourist and Holiday Park: Riverwood Drive: Kerang Ph 03-54521161

 Kerang Valley Resort: 76 Murray Valley Highway KERANG VIC. 3579

Phone: (03) 5452 1311  Fax: (03) 5452 1940



  Motel Loddon River: Murray Valley Highway CITY: Kerang PH 03-54522511


Wycheproof          Situated 50 km West of Quambatook


Wycheproof Motor Inn      350 Broadway, Wycheproof Vic 3527 Ph: 03 5493 7388

 Wycheproof Caravan Park  Calder Hwy, Wycheproof Vic 3527 Ph: 03 5493 7278   Mobile: 0409 140 183


   Boort                  Situated 42 km South of Quambatook


Boort Caravan Park            PH: 54552064


 Swan Hill             Situated 62 km North of Quambatook

                                      Many Motels and Caravan Parks


      If you would like to add something to your listing or have your business listed 


                                              Kelvin Jobling Mobile: 0429 015220                           

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