Tractor Pulling started with the first pull held at Elmore in conjunction with the Field Day. Then Quambatook Apex Club decided to run a Pull at Quambatook, this was in 1976 and was held at the Football ground. The sled was constructed with voluntary help and material supplied by John Parker who later built the Quamby Quaker , if you have ever witnessed pulling you will remember the Quaker. Pulling progressed over the next few years, after some time the Apex Club decided to pull out of running the pull. This was when the Quambatook Tractor Pulling Association was formed, this organisation has developed the best Pulling complex in Australia. The 20 th anniversary was held this year on Easter Saturday, this event attracted the biggest crowd in the history of the Australian Championships.

The Australian Tractor Pulling Association was formed after about four years of pulling . The need for a governing body to oversee safety requirements was realized, with the development of high performance machines. This organisation was modeled along the lines of the National Tractor Pulling Association who were the main governing body of tractor pulling in the U.S.A.. This organisation has been very successful in making the sport very safe for spectators and competitors alike. Tractor Pulling is at the stage where it needs to move into the corporate arena.
The New Holland Company has taken the lead in this area. The 99/2000 season will see the New Holland organization participating in the sport with major sponsorship for the ATPA .Swan Hill T&I the major sponsor for the Australian Championships has purchased two New Holland Dealerships and will be changing the Swan Hill Branch over to the NH franchise, so with this and the New Holland participation , pulling in Australia will move to a new and brighter future with the start of the new century and the first major sponsorship deal for the Australian Tractor Pullers Association.