Kelvin Jobling
           Outlaw pulling team












Started pulling in 1982 , still active Puller with the Outlaw 2 ,
       Past President of the Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association
  Publicity Officer for the Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association .
  Former Vice President ATPA & President 4 terms. Former Tec Scrutineer                                              
Editor of the first web page for Tractor Pulling in Australia

Personal Home Page

   Australian writer for the Full Pull Magazine published in the USA
The best part of my Pulling activities is the chance to meet many pullers and
pulling fans from around the world ,  Traveled to the USA in 94 witnessed
great pulling at Macon and Bowling Green .
Another hobby of mine is Computers which with the use if the internet allows
me many contacts with people involved with Tractor Pulling and some make it
to Australia to meet up with one and other. Computers have taken over from
my hobby of Amateur radio, Internet allows better access to the Pulling World.

Last 2 Years, involved with the promotion of Tractor Pulling at

 Wakefield Park Motor Raceway Goulburn NSW

   Home Town is Quambatook, which is the home of Tractor pulling in Australia
  Quambatook is situated 300 km north west of Melbourne Victoria Australia.
       The Australian Tractor pulling Championships are held at Quambatook  

     The pull complex is purpose built for pulling and would be right up with the best 
    anywhere in the world.
            Would like to hear from any person interested in
       Australian Tractor Pulling,
              either as a Visitor, Tractor Puller, Sponsor or Promoter.
    Please Email Me



















      OUTLAW 2 . Powered by 3 ,327 chevs
          Transmissions  2 Powerglides
            Rear end   W9 International











































                OUTLAW MINI MOD
          First built  1982   last run 1992



















             INLAW MINI MOD
Built 1983                                           
      The first rear engine tractor in































             T&I  Terminator  Developed by 
             Kelvin Jobling  and John Parker
        This is the first Pro Stocker  In Australia
























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