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Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association

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Australias Home of Tractor Pulling Quambatook (jobbo's page)  The first page in OZ for Tractor Pulling (96)

Quambatook the town  Tractor Pulling Central (Australia.)

Quambatook Heritage Working Machinery Association   



Aussie & New Zealand Tractor  Pulling Notice Board              

Fonda’s board (USA)

British Notice Board (GB)

Pulling World Board

Quambatook Heritage Working Machinery Notice Board  


Australian Ride on Lawn Mower Racing Association

Darren Morgan DMR  

Western Australian Tractor Pullers Assocn Home Page

Tractor Pulling in OZ   

Pulling for Queensland  

Brett Stevens Racing (The Boss)

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PULLING SITES around the world


Pulling world (World Coverage)

American Tractor Pullers (ATPA) (USA)

British Tractor Pulling Home Page (GB)

Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pullers (USA)

Valtra tractor Pulling Team (Finland)

European tractor pulling on line (Europe)

Illinois Tractor Pulling Asscociation (USA)

NTPA web site. (USA)

The Kentucky Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulling Association (US)

Bowling Green National Championships (USA)

Truck power Denmark (DK)

Danisch tractor pulling site (DK)

Bondeper's traktorpulling side (DK)

Brian millers garden tractors (USA)

Diesel pulling garden tractors (USA)

Gary Dougherty's Antique Tractor Page (USA)

MSTPA pulling (USA)

Sledge Hammer 2WD Truck (NL)

Pull Site Antique & Farm (USA)

Allis Challenger (Shelley & Kenny Bryan) (USA)

Mother-In-Law's Garage (USA)

Hayes Pulling Team (USA)

Holy Cow Motorsports (USA)

Netherlands Tractor Pulling Organization (NTTO)

Midnight Mistress Pulling Team

Green Extreme - Prostocker

Green Streak Pulling Team
Hagedorn Motorsports
Radical Red Pulling Team
Semi Truck Pulling
Teipen's Night Life Pulling Team
"The Heaviest Motorsport on Wheels"
The Pull-off Page
Thunder Rolls - Light Superstock
John and Charlene Cabeen Pulling Site
Lady Butterfly (semi puller)
Lakota Racing (Don and Darlene Sample)
Lampeter Garden Tractor Pullers
Lewis Pulling Team
Executioner Pulling Team
Fantasy Pulling Team
Foolish Farmer Pulling Team
Frequent Flyer and Warhawk
Full Pull Motorsports
Gallitin Machine
Illiana Pullers Association
Illinois Farm Pullers Association
Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pulling Assoc.(IHFSPA) - 1
Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pulling Assoc.(IHFSPA) - 2
McPherson 2wd Pulling
Midwest Super Cub
Missouri State Tractor Pullers
TRB Machine - Home of Stress Relief Minirod
Unofficial ESP Tractor Pulling Site
Vince Reincke: In-Vince-Able Modified Tractor
Walker Pulling Team
West Central Illinois Tractor Pullers
Wild Child (Bob Jostock)
Wild Wheels Weekend
Power Pulling Club of Great Britain
Procreationsofkentucky (model tractor)
Pullers Inc. Truck Pulling - Wisconsin
Southern Kentucky Hot Rods
Special Things
Morsey Motorsports
Murphy's Motor Service
NASRA - Mesa Park
National Farm Machinery Show
Nichols Performance
Northern Kentucky Garden and Hot Rod Pullers
Northern Nebraska Pullers Assoc.

Pacific Tractor Puller Association
Badger State Tractor Pullers
Big Foot 4x4
Case of Foreclosure Pulling Team
California M odified P ullers A ssociation Oil
Chili Pepper 2wd
Christian Tractor Pullers
Cloud Nine Team - Netherlands
COATPA (Antiques)
Commonwealth Garden Tractor Pullers
Country Modified Pulling
D&R Pulling Team
Daniel Bounds (NWMTPA) member
Double Dose + 1 Pulling Team
Dutch Pulling Page

Pulling world (Europe)  


National Quarter Scale Pullers


Full Pull (World Coverage)

EF&D (Photo Joe's Son) (USA)

Ted's Pulling Tapes

Fastline Publications (Trucking Magazine)

ENGINES, Parts & Service Links

 Radial Engines

Pure Purple High Performance Diesel Fuel

J&L Puller Tires, Inc. (USA)

Jasper Engines and Transmissions

Scheid Diesel Service

Transport Graphics

Engler Machine and Tool

Enterprise Engines

Beaty's Performance Products

Extreme Race Wear


Apple Land Toys

Smith Farm Toys

Power Pro Racing Products


Lowry Sled Rental (USA)

Dave Hager's - Old Ironsides sled

Decision Maker Sleds


Swan Hill T&I Centre (QTPA’s Major Sponsor) Victoria Australia

New Holland (Australian Tractor Pullers Assocn Major Sponsor)

Valtra Valmet factory (Finland)

John Deere (USA)

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