Jobbo's Photo Gallery # 7

Golden Oldies 3

Angus Gawne. Apex Club President, when they ran the first Quambatook Tractor Pull 1976

Towaninni Terror. Owner Angus Gawne Quambatook

Black Valvet. Peter Hamilton Colbinabbin Vic

Plum Crazy. Lucindale SA

Original Cannie Cruncher. Trevor & Norma Bennett Quambatook

Plum Crazy Pulling at Quambatook

Original Qyamby Quaker. John Parker Quambatook Founding President of the ATPA

Second, "Charger" Owan Parker Quambatook Vic

Spirit of Corop. Johnson Brothers Corop Vic

Bedford Engine flat 12 Cyl


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