Jobbo's Photo Gallery # 8

Golden Oldies 4

Deutz Dragster. Dickie Scheriton South Australia Renamed Tonnawonda with 2 Twin Turbo 454 chevs (Retired)

Charger. Owner Owan Parker. Quambatook retired from Pulling 83

Rebel Rouser.Owner Leo Parker. Quambatook retired from Pulling 83

Sod Buster. Baker Bros. Quambatook retired sometime in the 80s (Now limited mod named Ducks Guts)

Original Mallee Muncha.Peter Prentice. Lamaroo SA. retired mid 90s

OutlawKelvin Jobling Quambatook.83 to 85 with this setup

Original Henery the 8th.Robin Nolan Quambatook NSW (now drives Jagged Edge)

"Field Marshal" Pulling the original vintage sled Quambatook Vic

Flat Broke. Elaine Shaw Hampton Park Vic. (before the blown engine)

Sweet 16 Mick Nolan powered by 2 leyland P76 engines(Now Double torque)

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