Jobbo's Photo Gallery # 9

Australian Championships 2005

Enforcer. Len Grass

Micro Magic. Kevin Nolan NSW

Micro Magic.This little 350 can push the big block (runs some Nitro)

Rumpus. Bazza Ward , Borossa valley SA

Kryptonite.Barry & Wendy Lawerence Vic .

Enforcer.Len Grass. new mini mod 350 ci limit naturally aspirated

Peter Bennett. Sydney. former Aus record holder unlimited, displacement drag boat

"Hellrazor"Gordon Betson owner. (Driver Mick Lindsay Kerang) Vic

John Parker. Founding President of the ATPA. "Major Sponsor QTPA" T&I Centres Vic.

Flat Broke. Elaine & Mick Shaw Hampton Park Vic.

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