The first Outlaw Pulling tractor was built in time to compete at the 1983 Australian Tractor Pull Championships.
The Outlaw Mini Rod was powered by a 283 ci chev, driving through a powerglide auto and a 9 inch ford diff. Like all the early mini rods the tyres were used drag racing slicks with lugs bonded onto them,
In 84 the motor was updated to a 327 chev, The Mini Rods have a limitation of 350 cubic inch and no forced induction. At a later stage a open class was also introduced, which the Outlaw was the Puller of the Year in its final season of competition.
About 2 years later the outlaw was fitted with a set of 8 into 1 extractors, a item that has become the big difference in the Outlaw tractors then  importation of  pulling tyres the second set to be imported. The tractor went through many updates ,over the seasons it has taken out state and national titles in both the limited and the open mini rod classes
In mid 83  a second tractor was built it was a rear engined rig called Inlaw it was campaigned for about 2 seasons before it was sold.
The next change to the Outlaw pulling Team's program was the sale of the rolling chassis , and the construction of the Outlaw 2 Super mod this machine used the original 327 and 2 more motors of the same cubic inch .
The rear end of the tractor was taken from a International W9, these tractors are in the vintage class of tractors. The ratios were raised by 200% and with the 7000 plus revs going into the box, instead of the original 1600 rpm this certainly gained the needed wheel speed. This has been reasonably successful except for the breakage of 3rd gear a new set of gears have been designed to rectify this problem , the new constant speed gears were fitted in 98 and has overcome this problem. The tractor rearend was acquired from Keith James of Swan Hill , in their working life there could be as many as four W9 Inters seen working his property .a far cry form what this one is doing now
This tractor was built to conform to the limit of 1000 cubic inch naturally aspirated or 500 cubic inch forced induction limit of the Super Mod class.
The Outlaw 2 was developed for the next 3 years and has achieved the level of the puller of the year 95-96.. The Outlaw team went into recess for a time but will be seen at pulls again in the 98 season on its return it won all of its class events at the Australian Championships in 97 .
The team owner holds two positions involving tractor pulling , following the previous two as the ATPA . President , He is was the Media Correspondent for the ATPA and Publicity Officer for the QTPA . In these roles he has became the Australian Correspondent for The Full Pull Magazine, this publication is produced by Photo Joe , who travels around the pulling circuit in the USA.    (2,000 UPDATE)

Recent times Outlaw 2 has not competed throughout the seasons making a couple of appearances at the Australian Championships, 3 years ago it broke in the first event, which it won but because of not competing through  the season it was not eligible to be crowned Australian champion.               

The 2006 season saw Outlaw 2 get the necessary update with the roll cage and other safety requirements, the tractor was taken to the Wakefield Park Motor Raceway to promote tractor pulling prior to their pull, was entered as an exhibit at the Summernats Canberra, then Outlaw 2 went on a media trip to Sydney (channel 7 Sunrise Show ) featured on Grant Denyers weather segment. Following that it went to Woolengong arcade, then onto Canberra the next day. The tractor featured in many media appearances and was housed at Wakefield for some time after.

 The First time out was a disaster with a coupling failure at the Wakefield Park Pull. After getting home the fault was found, the damaged crank and coupler was patched up just before the Australian Championships at Quambatook. This was a very successful day with three wins in all the weight classes for the super mods. This gave Outlaw 2 the 30th Anniversary Aggregate sponsored by  T&I Centres  a company I had worked for at one time this was a great thrill in the 30th Year of out sport. Like the previous win at Quambatook we could not hold any Championship title because of not competing during the season. There was a final event at Quambatook which allows all vehicles that can meet the 3.3 tonne weight limit, with a Rolls Royce V12 in this event I went out very hard and some driveline failure happened which resulted in a 4 place result, the winning tractor had been beaten by Outlaw 3 times earlier that day, showed that Outlaw could have taken all events, if not for the breakage.

Plans for season 2006 / 2007  was a major update  and run the full season BUT the severe drought conditions that have eventuated, the plans have changed with a start being put off until at least the Tooradin Pull Jan 2007,  no major update will happen, just necessary repairs.If the drought continues a later date will be factored into the plans.

My other venture is helping with the development of the Caddie Shack Puller truck, which  is owned by a couple of young blokes, I am enjoying working on the big Caddilac engine.

The other new Project is www.jobbo.com.au  the final setup for this page is a little uncertain, my hope is to make this site the Gateway to Tractor Pulling in Australia, incorporating ATPA, WATPA, Tasmanian, and would like to have some Kiwi info plus some stories and photos from Europe.

More updates when the future plans have been finalized.