'NEW' alternate illustrated solution to Rubik's cube puzzle
by Dr George Christos

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This is a new/alternate solution of the famous 3x3x3 Rubik's cube puzzle (the world's most famous puzzle and biggest selling toy ever) where one does the opposite faces and corner pieces first. This is very different to how it is commonly done. Instead of doing one face and then proceeding layer by layer from the bottom face up to the top face, ones does the opposite faces of the cube simultaneously.  In the traditional way to solve this puzzle, the last few steps become exceedingly complicated and many people get lost around the end and have never completed the Rubik cube puzzle even with a solution.

If you have not done the cube using conventional solutions here is your chance to finally master Rubik's cube.

The booklet is 20 pages long, printed 2 pages to an A4 sheet, double sided, in full colour. It is professional produced.  It is highly illustrated, and gives you a step by step guide to doing Rubik's cube.

I have also placed a video on youtube.com, showing you how do the cube my way.
Here is a link to one of the youtube videos.

youtube video

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Please do not forget that I have intellectual property and copyright rights on this booklet, so please do not make copies without my permission. 

This sale includes a hard copy of my solution booklet only. There is no Rubik's cube puzzle  included in this sale, but you can pick one up on ebay quite cheaply, but try to get a good one. The reputable toy shops like National Geographic will normally have a slick one for about $25 AUS. I would avoid the cheapies.

 I am currently working on some new ideas in relation to speeding up this method, which I will communicate to the buyers of the booklet for free at a later date via email.
The outside cover is also made of thicker paper so it looks like a real booklet.