The first Steve Ward Dragon came out of the mould on January 7th.

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The new Dragon came out of the mould and work started with the layout and fitout.


Dragon deck.jpg (7727 bytes)

The deck , ready for installation on the hull

wpe3.jpg (12428 bytes)

Positioning of the inner liner. The hull is finished but is still in the mould.


Steve Ward, builder of a number of 12m yachts (with Australia II being the most famous as it won the America's cup in 1983), has started with the first Maalee Dragon. Steve is a boat builder by background and has experience with different materials. The first Dragon will be complete in polyester, using the current moulds. We made the decision however to change the hull moulds and extend this with the keel such that the iron cast will be positioned in the polyester. This will make it a stronger and more durable yacht. 


This website contains details of the Yacht building initiative in Perth. MAALEE (Black Swan in Aboriginal) has been set up in Perth Western Australia to build new Dragon yachts. The mould is the Endeavour Mould from Børresen, that was located in Sydney. We have bought the mould, which is on it's way to Perth.

                                       Seajoy built in 1992 from the Endeavour moulds

Seajoy build in 1992 (click to open) 

Click the picture to open

Western Australia has a long association with the Dragon Class. The first boat to be built in Australia was "Galatea" built by Clarrie Morris in Albany, Western Australia in 1936 . Her early racing career is somewhat hazy however she sailed to Bunbury and back accompanying the power boat fleet in1948 and raced in the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Clubs first "Bunbury Race" in 1949. The next dragon to be built in WA was "Phantom" built in 1962 by  E Thomas for Jim O Grady. Western Australia and the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club have maintained a strong link with the Dragon class to the present day and many champion skippers and club officials owe their success to the class.


The intention is to set up a technical committee with experienced dragon sailors in Perth WA, and together supervise and set up a top racing yacht using the latest technology and techniques available and allowed by the class rules. The builder we are talking with is Steve Ward, builder of Australia II that won the America's cup.


The intention of this website is to give a regular update of the progress and an overview of the people involved. An important task will be the quality control and tuning of the boats. Have a regular look at this website, as we plan to include pictures and updates of the progress of the first and following boats in production.


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