Limerick General Advertiser

5 April 1819

St. George's Church

This place of Worship is a donative from the PERY family to the city of Limerick, and the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Limerick, pays the Minister his stipend, exclusively from himself.  In addition to this, his Lordship, some years since, allotted some building ground to make a fund to meet the annual contingencies of Clerk's salary &c.
  The inhabitants of this city, and particularly Saint Michael's Parish, are now, we understand, to be solicited for subscriptions to put this Edifice into such a state of repair as becomes a place of worship.  The Parishioners of St. Michael have had the use of this Church now for upwards of 35 years, and in that time they have been but once called on for any contribution for this purpose; and the subscription then did not amount to 70.
  It can scarcely then be imagined that they will now refuse to uphold their place if worship, given them through the generocity of others—or that they can prove wholly unmindful of the claims so justly preferred by their Minister, in seeking from them their contributions for such a purpose.  Indeed we will not even entertain a doubt of support from our dissenting inhabitants of this parish when we consider how freely the members of the established Church have contributed to the improvement and erection of Chapels of almost all denominations in the Parish.  Subscribers names will be given from time to time.  It is proposed to put a new roof on the Church, and the sum necessary to be raised is six hundred pounds, at the least.

March 31, 1819.

  The following sums have been subscribed for the purpose of repairing St. George's Church, in this city — and the gentlemen engaged in the collection take this opportunity of expressing how highly gratified they feel at the promptitude and liberality wherewith they have been supported by the Roman Catholic inhabitants of St. Micheal's parish on this occasion:—
Earl of Limerick [PERY], 10 pounds—by one years income of fund granted by Earl of Limerick for contingent expenses of the church, 50 pounds — Rev W D HOARE 10 pounds— Archdeacon of Limerick 5 pds— Mr and Mrs YOUNG, 10 pds— Hon J MASSY, 10 pds— J A DOUGLAS, 3 guineas— Col LEFROY, 6 gns— John GABBETT, jun 1 g— J B SINGLETON, 1 g— Mrs SINGLETON, 1 g— D F G MAHONY, 3 pds— Mrs LLOYD, 1 pd— J HARRISON, 1 pd— J DODD, 10 shillings— H WATSON, 5 pds— Edw BERNARD, 5 pds— Capt LLOYD 1 g— Stephen ROCHE 1 g— Thomas ROCHE, 2 gns— Wm ROCHE, 2 gns— Mrs STACHPOOL 1pd— Alderman MARRATT, 1 g— James ALTON, 5 gns— M HEMMINGS, 1 g— J F FITZGERALD, 1 g— J & G R PAIN, 5 gns— Dr CARROLL, 1 g— Geo DARLNELL, 2 gns— Geo R BRUCE, 5 pds— Archdeacon WARBURTON, 2 gns— Rev Mr DUDDELL, 1 g— Luke BERNARD, 1 g— Rev W M FITZGERALD, 1 g— Wm GIBSON, 2 gns— M STUDDERT 1 g— Gen HARGROVES, 2 pds— P C LOVETT, 1 g— John M M'NIGHT, 2 gns— James PHELPS, 1 g— Dr KEATING, 1 g— Wm LEDGER, 1 g— Wm EVANS, 1 g— W B KELLY, 1 pd— m WALLACE, 1pd— Geo H IEVERS, 1pd— T G FITZGIBBON, 1 g— Mrs HIGGINSON, 1 pd— T TRACY, 1 pd— R O'C NEWENHAM, 3 pds— J S THWAITES, 1 g— Thomas MARRICK, 1 g— J M'Allister TAVERNER, 1 pd— James G[Guthrie] RUSSELL, 2 gns Wm GLOVER, 1 pd— T SPARROW, 1g— Geo VINCENT, 1 g— Bryan M'MAHON, 1 g— S SARSFIELD, 1 pd— Surgeon PARKINSON, 3 gns— J H CANTRELL, 1 pd— Hughes RUSSELLL, 1 g— Hen RUSSELL, 1 pd— Mrs C FITZGERALD, 1 pd— Wm FITZGERALD, 1 g— J GUERIA, 11s 4½d— Thomas DEVITT, 1½ g— James COLGAN, 1½ g— Rbt Geo MAUNSELL, 3 gns— Alex MACDONNELL, 1 g— Wm WILSON, 1 g— J BOLD, 2pds— Thos GABBETT, 1 g— Mrs CANNY, 1 pd— J CORBETT, 1 g— B FURNELL, 1pd— J KENNEDY, 1 g— Rt MAUNSELL, 2 gns— W RUSSELL, Bank Place, 1 pd— G W RUSSELL, 1 g— Michael RUSSELL, 1 pd— Jas HOGAN, Bank Place, 1 g— Jas O'GRADY, 1 g— J JONES, 1 g— C M'MAHON, 1 pd— A SWINBURNE, 1 g— Mr. GELSTON, 1 pd— W M EASON, 1 g— Rev. R COX, 1 g— Rev J CRAMPTON, 1 pd— J LANGLEY, 1 g— Mrs P PEACOCK, 1 pd— Pat. MURPHY, 1 g— J BARRY, 1 pd— P GABBETT, 1g— Major VERECKER, 1 g— R WESTROPP, 2 g— Hon Mrs MASSY, per Mr BAKER, 1 g— Jas BANNITINE, 1pd— Dr GROGAN, 1 g— Rt Rev Dr TOOHY, 1 g— Dergeant LEFROY, 3 gns— Geo OWENS, 1 pd— Thos TAVENER, 1pd— J W RUSSELL 1 pd— T P VOKES 1 pd— Mrs KIDD, 1pd— C O'BRIEN, 1pd— Geo O'LOUGHLIN, 1 pd.

Limerick General Advertiser

9 April 1819

St. George's Church

The following sums have been subscribed for the purpose of repairing St George's Church in this City, in addition to those which appeared in our last Advertiser:—
  H O'CALLAGHAN, 1 pound— Dan O'CONNELL 1 p— Dan M'MAHON 1 p— Henry HARTE 1 guinea— T M MAHON 1 p— M P ROCHFORD 1 g— R FERGUSON 1 p— M EGAN 1 p— Mr MYLES 1 p— J PEACOCKE 30s— R NUGENT 2 g— A NUGENT 1 g— P O'CALLAGHAN 1 g— Stein Brown & Co, 5 g— J O'SULLIVAN 1 g— J BOYCE 2 g— E RYAN & Sons 2 g— Mr HOLLAND 1 p— Mr GRAHAM 1 p— C M'NEAMARA 1 g— T O'SHAUGHNESSY 1 p— B FURNELL 1 p— Wm HOWLEY 1 g— J M'CARTHY 1 p— Pat CORBET 1 p— Mr COLLOPY 1 p— Mr LEECH 1 p— J PERROT 3 g— J PEACON 1 g— M CREAGH 1 p— Mr LEACH 1 p— William NORRIS 2 g— Mrs SAYERS 1 g— Mrs RUSSELL 2 g— Mr VERECKER, Richmond Place 1 g— W J HOLLAND 1 g— S CASWELL 1 g— J BLKACK 1 g— Dr RIORDAN 25s— Tim BENION 1 g— D HUNT 1 p— T KELLY 1 g— Mr LEWIS 1 p— M GAVIN 1 g— Mr M'KERN 1 p— Dr VIZE 1 p— Wm TAYLOR 1 p— Joe DELANY 1 g— Collector FITZGIBBON 25s— Rev William HOGAN 1 g— J HOWLEY 2 g— A lady per Mr. YOUNG 1 g— T QUINLAN 1 p— J FERGUSON 1 p— Edw PARKER 1 p— Dan GEARY 1 p— J K CAREY M D 25s— J FITZGERALD, Francis street 1 g— M RYAN 1 p— D GABBETT 1 g— Surgeon FRANKLIN 1 p— Terence O'BRIEN 1 p— John KELLY 2 g.

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