There must be a difference if competent Church authority can declare that Fatima came from God but Garabandal and Medjugorje did not. Not only must there be a difference: it must be possible to tell them apart and to point out the difference to Marian Catholics who love their Church as much as they love their Mother. (Frits Albers)

The Uniqueness of Fatima

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Medjugorje promoters are quick to point to “good fruits” (i.e. the flow of grace) as proof of the authenticity of the ‘apparitions’, and to justify a bad fruit: the disobedience manifested in the continued promotion of Medjugorje in the face of consistent “not supernatural” judgements from the Church. In this they are holding up Medjugorje as a tree that produces both good and bad fruit! Our Lord has taught us that it is impossible for both good fruit and bad fruit to grow on the same tree, and since disobedience is a bad fruit that is clearly identifiable in Medjugorje, it behoves us to discover once and for all where the flow of grace at Medjugorje comes from. (Frits Albers and Frank Calneggia)

Medjugorje and the Flow of Grace

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Here we study two documents carrying the full authority of the Papacy: an Apostolic Letter and an Encyclical - both written by Pope Leo XIII - to see what verdict they cast on the happenings at Medjugorje exactly one hundred years later. (Frits Albers)

Visions On Demand

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To Discern rightly is the second of the seven priceless Gifts of the Holy Spirit by which we see and understand what is going on all around us, and what our attitude to this so necessary understanding should be. In this article the author analyses for us exactly what the Modernist and WCC ‘faiths’ are based upon; and by which millions of ex-Catholics, non-Catholics and other dupes are being enticed to enter the Modernist-WCC joint creation: the One-World ‘church’ of the New Age; a creation seen, foretold and described in great detail by Pope St Pius X in 1910. (Frits Albers)

A Search For Meaning
A Dual System
The Need For Discernment

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