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What is a DVR?

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) stores video footage on Hard Disc Drives instead of on traditional video tape.

The EDR also has a Triplex Multiplexer built-in. (Allowing you to record and watch all cameras at the same time).

Benefits of DVR over tape:

1. Mass storage

Dependant on the system configuration, a DVR could store many weeks of surveillance footage.

2. Instant playback

Since the DVR does not use video tape, you can go straight to a selected recording instantly. The comparison is the same as that between your domestic VCR and DVDs - no fast forward, no rewind.

3. Reliability

By their very nature, video tape recorders will wear out. Video tapes are in constant use; tape oxides clog the heads or heads wear out. By contrast, the DVRs only moving parts are inside the hard discs. The average modern hard disc has a service life of 5 years and a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of around 500,000 hours - that's a long time in anyone's language.

4. Two Products In One

A DVR is actually two devices built into the one product. As well as the digital recorder, the EDR has a built-in Triplex multiplexer with mutiple camera inputs providing recording, playback and live viewing simultaneously.

5. Video Integrity

The EDR stores video footage encrypted and watermarked which cannot be tampered with or disputed as evidence.


The Digital Video Revolution

Digital recording over analogue Video Tape Recording techniques is at the stage of its technical development whereby Digital recording offers many features and benefits simply not available previously and more importantly, it is getting better and more price competitive every day.

How does digital recording save you money?

Simple, by avoiding the need to constantly repair and or replace VCR's as they become tired and clogged up with the oxides from video tapes, by minimising the amount of time staff needs to archive and change tapes and by allowing you to efficiently replay "events" at call instead of having to sit and watch hours of video to find an event.