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Teleguard Safe At Home For Total Peace of Mind


Lifetime rental, supply, programming: $149+gst (once only payment)
Monthly supervision of alarm: $30/mth+gst
You can save even more by pre-paying 5 months
and we will give you 6 months cover
thats just two accounts per year and payment for
10 rather than 12 months which averages: $25/mth+gst

What Safe-At-Home Offers:

The new SAFE-AT-HOME is designed to give you the peace of mind that you can maintain your independence but that if you need help, it's available at the touch of a button.
It brings you a special SAFE-AT-HOME Emergency phone,a pendant alert and connection to one of Australia’s most experienced 24-hour HelpLine services all in one affordable package that's fast and easy to set up yourself.

Who is it Designed For?

SAFE-AT-HOME is the ideal choice for people of all ages who need the reassurance of being able to summon help quickly in an emergency such as:
Family members who are growing older
Those with a chronic health problem (e.g. epilepsy, heart conditions or diabetes)
People with a disability
People who live alone or in a remote or isolated location

How Does it Work?

SAFE-AT-HOME includes an emergency phone, a pendant alert and connection to a 24hour HelpLine Centre. When there's a problem, a single press to the alert button on the phone or on the pendant sets of a call sequence that automatically contacts the HelpLine Centre.
There to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the experienced team of operators will immediately know who is calling and will have customer information to hand such as medical information and key contact details provided by you.
An ambulance or nominated contact(s) will be notified for fast immediate response to your emergency.


SIMPLE TO INSTALL - follow the simple “plug and use” instructions and you are on-line immediately
SIMPLE TO USE - Press one button to get help when it’s needed
EXPERT HIGHLY TRAINED OFFICERS - Night and day, 365 days a year
WORKS WITHIN A 50 METRE RANGE - Of the Teleguard phone more than sufficient to cover the average house or flat with garden
COMPETITIVELY PRICED - With the unrivalled quality and reliability you trust and expect from SAFE-AT-HOME products and services.
Lifetime rental means no maintenance costs and lifetime peace of mind