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Snow Skiing            Bushwalking in Tasmania - by Dallas Stott            Lake Pedder

Hi there. A special welcome to past and present members of the Launceston Walking Club. Please visit our other web pages and sign our Guest Book. We would love to see your photos on the web too.


Dove Lake and Marions Lookout at Cradle Mountain. The orange vegetation is Fagus, Tasmania's only native deciduous beech. Its leaves are normally green, but turn a beautiful yellow-orange in autumn.


Beth has spotted some Fagus at Lake Wilks. The Scott-Kilvert Memorial Hut was built at Cradle Mountain for bushwalkers' safety in memory of a teacher and a student from Riverside High School in Tasmania, both of whom tragically died of hypothermia during a snowstorm at Cradle Mountain.



Sunrise on Mt Geryon (Grant Dixon)              Barn Bluff (Peter Dombrovski)


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Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park

Tasmanian National Parks and Wildlife Service

Blundstone 'Blunnie' Bushwalking Boots (208)

   An Encounter with a Tasmanian Tiger


Tassie mountains I have climbed with The Launceston Walking Club

Eldon Peak (Leader)        Frenchmans Cap        Mt Anne        Cradle Mountain (photo above)

Mt Maria        Geryon North Peak (photo above)        Mt Murchison        Mt Roland

Adamsons Peak        Mt Owen        Mt Picton        Ben Lomond        Pelion East

Millers Bluff        Mt Hyperion        Falling Mountain        Mt Eliza        Mt Lloyd Jones

Frankland Peak (Lake Pedder)        Mt Strzelecki        Stacks Bluff        Quamby Bluff

West Wall        Bishop & Clerk        Hartz Mt        Little Horn        Mt Cuvier        Mt Pillinger

Mt Snowy        Mt Storey        Mt Tim Shea        Mt Victoria        Black Bluff        Wylds Craig




Do You Know Tasmania is a most enjoyable presentation of films and slides on bushwalking in Tasmania made by members of The Launceston Walking Club Inc.   


The $50 million US mini-series Noah's Ark was filmed in the Ben Lomond National Park, starring Hollywood actors Jon Voight (Deliverance) and Mary Steenburgen (Parenthood).


Segments of the ABC-TV series The Human Journey were filmed on Mount Wellington and at Kingston Beach near the capital city of Hobart.


The Walking with Dinosaurs program shown on ABC-TV (Sunday 7/11/99 in Australia) was partly filmed in Tasmania, in the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park.

David Attenborough and the BBC crew filmed the scenes there, because of the ground-crawling conifers and pencil pines which were around in the dinosaur age, and because there were no flowering plants around in the Triassic-Jurassic period.

Tasmania and parts of South America are the only places in the world which suited the filming of Walking with Dinosaurs.  Fossil evidence dating back 50 million years showed parts of Tasmania retained a very close similarity to the dinosaur age and was used because of its natural beauty and the feel of the place.

The first BBC crew that filmed the series in Tasmania were confined to tents for 3 weeks in pouring rain before they could roll a film - and then it snowed.  I'm sure some of the people who have worked on the Launceston Walking Club's presentation Do You Know Tasmania can relate to that.


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