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Every evening awash in spectacular sunsets, Bathers Beach is the jewel in Fremantle's crown, not many cities can boast a beautiful calm beach within walking distance of the town centre.

It is an area that is evolving into a vibrant arts precinct which is rapidly being recognised worldwide for its beauty, heritage and the talent of the artists within it.

This active art community at Bathers Beach includes highly respected sculptors, painters, photographers, ceramic artists and designers. The Bathers Beach Art Precinct has a close working relationship with Western Australian indigenous artists, often engaging in collaborative public art projects. There are also galleries which display the works of local artists.

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Walyalup is the Wadjuk/Noongar Aboriginal name for Fremantle and the Bathers Beach area is of historical significance to indigenous Australians in that Fremantle sits at the mouth of the Swan River. In Aboriginal beliefs of the past, known as the Dreamtime, the Wadjuk/Noongar people consider the river to be evidence left behind of the existence of the winding path travelled by the Rainbow Serpent, known as the Wagyl.


In 1829 British settlers claimed the land and in 1831 built what is now Western Australia’s oldest public building, the Round House jail, on the highest point of the natural promontory of Arthur Head.

The old Roundhouse prison, the Whaler's Tunnel which runs underneath it out onto Bathers Beach, and the other historic and natural features of the area, all make for a wonderful journey through history, nature, culture and art.

Photo Images: Roel Loopers - Profile Photography
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